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Gifts Wholesale

Locating gifts at wholesale prices may be well worth the effort.

You may be able to get wholesale pricing at your local retailer. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
You may be able to get wholesale pricing at your local retailer.

Gifts Wholesale

Many value-conscious shoppers think that getting gifts wholesale requires them to purchase quantities so huge that they will need to open their own chain of retail stores in order to sell everything they buy. But there are stores and websites that enable people to buy gifts at wholesale prices. Sometimes it takes a little bit of investigating; other times it's as simple as getting in the car or pointing and clicking, just as if the purchase was being made from a retail website.

The first and most obvious option for getting gifts wholesale is wholesale clubs like Sams Club and Costco, both of which sell a wide variety of items, including such gift staples as name-brand wines, chocolate, clothing, and books, for prices well below those being charged at retail stores.

According to PRLog.org, many items are also available at wholesale prices from retailers at the change of seasons. For example, unsold items from the Christmas season are sometimes purchased by retailers on large pallets, and are set out on a store floor without being sorted, enabling stores to sell at wholesale prices and still make a profit. Consumers benefit from those lower prices.

Examples of Wholesale Websites and Deals

Depending on the types of gifts one seeks, sometimes it is a simple matter to visit either specific websites or multiple-website directory sites.

One great example is Dmoz.org, which contains links to 70 websites featuring gifts in categories ranging from toys, balloons and crystal, to cuckoo clocks, perfume and umbrellas. (Users should note that many of the wholesalers on this site require users to log on and register with their websites.)

Deals Available by Shopping Wholesale Online

Suppose, for example, that a person with several young grandchildren was planning to attend a family reunion during the summer months at the beach, and wanted to purchase buckets for the grandchildren to use to make sandcastles. By visiting Esco Imports' website, the grandparent could buy a box of 12 buckets for $12, or $1 per bucket. If that same person had even more grandchildren, and wanted to purchase, say, two boxes of buckets, which would include 24 buckets in all, the per-bucket price would drop to $ .90.

Another useful site that enables one to get gifts wholesale is Wholesalemart.com, which contains 61 categorized links to everything from wholesale candles and cookware to wholesale apparel and watches.

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You are here:  Home and Garden » Holidays » Gift Ideas
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