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Yard Decorations

Learn about yard decorations and lawn ornaments.

Yard decorations express the personality of the homeowner. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Yard decorations express the personality of the homeowner.

Front yard decorations are a way to enhance a house's curb appeal or join in the holiday spirit. When decorating the front yard, homeowners may need to be conscientious of neighbor and homeowner association rules; while some view garden gnomes and larger-than-life holiday inflatables as fun, others consider them kitsch. Yard decorations are also a way to add creative flair to backyard gardens and living spaces as well as create the ambience for a party. By recycling and reusing household items, and even making decorations, homeowners can add interest to a yard without spending a lot of money.

Year-Round Yard Decorations

To find inexpensive year-round yard decorations, Home and Garden Makeover recommends shopping at the local dollar store to find lawn ornaments, bird houses and wind chimes. By purchasing the smaller accessories at discounted prices, the decorator can choose a larger item, such as an outdoor fire pit or a pond-less waterfall, for the yard's focal point.

Decorators should not be afraid to move some of their household items out into the yard. An unused water pitcher can easily be transformed into a flower pot, and unused flower pots can become a water feature by simply stacking them and adding water and a pump . A baker's rack is ideal for an arrangement of outdoor plants as well as a stable surface to serve drinks. Weather-resistant fabric cushions can be added to furniture that can withstand the outdoor elements, like wicker.

Holiday Yard Decorations

Holiday yard decorations can range from tasteful white lights to massive sleighs with all the reindeer. A snowy climate and limited storage space may restrict some yard decorations to a smaller scale. The cost to power lights is another factor homeowners should consider when planning holiday yard decorations.

Besides investing in store-bought decorations, homeowners can show their creativity and possibly spend less with homemade decorations. For example, attaching ribbon and decorations to a fresh or faux wreath with supplies from a craft store is easy to do with some wire or a hot glue gun. In addition to decorating trees and shrubs with lights, the new trend is to add ornaments that can also be enjoyed during daylight. HGTV suggests adding faux topiary to existing planters and decorating it with attractive plastic fruit and greenery.

Making yard decorations is a fun holiday tradition for kids that allows new creativity to emerge each year without a big financial investment. For example, kids will enjoy making a colony of bats for Halloween by tracing and cutting them out of black construction paper. These bats can be glued to clothespins that are painted black and attached to tree branches in the yard.

Garden Decorations

Gardens are often decorative without the need of embellishments, but the right accessories can transform a pretty garden into an enchanting sanctuary . Flea markets and thrift stores can be an unexpected jackpot of garden ornaments. Gardeners should look for accessories that appeal to their personal taste rather than just trying to find things to take up space in the garden. Garden décor often complements nature, such as stone statues of animals, birdbaths, metalwork shaped like flowers and mosaic-tiled stepping stones. Decorators should bear in mind that stone and terra cotta tend to tolerate the extra moisture of a garden better than most other materials.

Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces

Decorating an outdoor living space should be approached in the same manner as decorating a room inside the house . The decorator first needs to determine the function of the outdoor space. HGTV recommends separating larger outdoor spaces into separate areas for dining, conversation and relaxation. Once the outdoor space's function has been determined, the decorator can select pieces, such as furniture, umbrellas and clocks, accordingly.

Outdoor furnishings can be expensive, but decorating an outdoor space does not have to be. Country Living suggests looking in thrift shops and flea markets for exterior home and yard decorations. Many household items can be recycled and reused as outdoor decorations. For example, a porch is the perfect location to display secondhand paintings and mirrors. Pairing these items with a rustic patio set creates the feel of an outdoor café.

Outdoor Party Decorations

For summer parties, Martha Stewart recommends using creative lighting to add interest outdoors or coincide with the decorating theme. For example, instead of simply stringing lights outdoors, attach butterflies or seashells near each light bulb. Similarly, butterflies or other elements of nature can be glued to the outside of paper lantern lights. Something as simple as leaving white balloons or beach balls floating in a lighted pool can add visual interest. Candles placed in hollow pieces of bamboo or colored vases add intimacy and creative flair to a backyard gathering.

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You are here:  Home and Garden » Household » Lawn and Garden
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