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Wholesale T-Shirt

Find out about how to buy wholesale T-shirts.

Buying wholesale T-shirts reduces costs for resellers.
Buying wholesale T-shirts reduces costs for resellers.

For those who deal in volume, purchasing wholesale T-shirt supplies is a cost-effective strategy. While designers who customize clothing for personal use might be better off buying single T-shirts from local retailers, people who wish to purchase large quantities can take advantage of wholesaler's discount prices. Schools and businesses may also utilize wholesale clothing suppliers if they want to distribute T-shirts printed with a school or company logo. Buying enough plain shirts to print and supply to hundreds of students or employees can be pricey, but wholesalers help to reduce such costs.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale T-shirts

While embellishing plain T-shirts with fabric paint or tie-dye and selling them for a profit may seem like a good idea, this type of business plan requires a substantial start-up investment. In order to make a decent return on investment, retailers can cut their overhead costs by purchasing inexpensive supplies. For crafters looking to earn some extra cash through this type of endeavor, buying low-priced T-shirts from wholesale T-shirt suppliers will help lessen the up front investment.

Wholesalers are able to sell products at lower prices because they purchase in high volume. By buying in very high quantities directly from a product's manufacturer, wholesale companies receive great discounts. Wholesale T-shirt providers then pass along some of these savings to consumers. Consumers can also purchase T-shirts directly from clothing manufacturers, but they may often have to buy much more than is needed in order to take advantage of mass-quantity discounts. Hobby crafters, for example, do not likely need 10,000 T-shirts from a manufacturer, even if they are decorating the shirts to sell. Purchasing from a wholesaler allows consumers to buy in lower quantities but still receive considerable discounts. With most wholesalers, the higher the volume of an order is, the lower the items cost per unit.

When looking into wholesale T-shirt suppliers, The Complete Idiots Guide to Making Money with Your Hobby suggests that consumers ask suppliers questions up front, such as whether or not there is an order minimum, whether it is possible to mix and match colors and sizes, and what the wholesalers return policy is. Buyers should also try and ascertain whether the wholesaler has a good reputation in the industry, which can be done by reading product and service reviews.

Factors Affecting Wholesale T-Shirt Prices

When purchasing wholesale T-shirts, consumers will find a variety of price levels, even when dealing with only one vendor. In addition to prices varying depending on the number of items ordered higher quantities receive greater discounts prices for T-shirts tend to vary with regard to color and size. Most wholesalers charge less for white T-shirts than they do for colors. According to Blank Shirts, the lighter the shirt color, the lower the cost. While some wholesalers charge different amounts for different colors, others simply incur a set price increase for any color other than white. In terms of sizing, wholesalers typically charge less for standard sizes than they do for oversized garments, such as 2XL or 3XL. Unless customers are catering to special needs or requests, it is more cost-effective to purchase white T-shirts in regular sizes (small through large).

Vendors of Wholesale T-Shirts

When a crafter is looking for blank T-shirts to decorate, there are a number of wholesale outlets to consider, and many of these vendors conduct business online. Wholesale Web stores enable individuals to place orders quickly and conveniently, and when ordering plain white or colored T-shirts, there is generally no need to examine the product in person before placing a bulk order.

One such wholesale vendor is BulkLotShirts.com. This vendor sells a variety of products from golf shirts to denim shorts, and their stock list includes a number of wholesale T-shirts in plain colors. BulkLotShirts.com sells T-shirts in incremental units, such as packs of 12, 85, 100 and 250, and the discounts increase with the package quantity. For example, a package of 85 plain white Hanes T-shirts in any combination of sizes may costs just under $150, making the unit price of each T-shirt roughly $1.70. The same T-shirt in a pack of 250 costs just over $400, putting the price per unit at roughly $1.60. Although this vendor does allow customers to buy T-shirts individually, the price-per-unit is considerably higher than when buying shirts as part of a package. One drawback of BulkLotShirts.com is that customers cannot mix and match shirt colors in package deals, but a bonus is that the site offers T-shirts in sizes as high as 5XL, which can be difficult to find.

JonesTshirts.com is another wholesale T-shirt vendor. With five warehouses in teh U.S., this vendor offers only blank apparel that is suitable to the needs of crafters. JonesTshirts.com assures customers that its T-shirts are appropriate for embroidery, iron-on transfers and tie-dyeing. Unlike BulkLotShirts.com, this vendor does not offer T-shirts in specified packages. Instead, customers can order shirts in any quantity that they want, and discounts are applied when quantities reach levels of 12, 36 and 72. For example, while each Hanes white T-shirt costs $2.56 when ordered in a quantity of 12 or less, each shirt costs only $2.09 if the customer orders more than 72. JonesTshirts.coms costs per unit are slightly higher than that of BulkLotShirts.com, but customers who order from this vendor may purchase shirts in any color combination and still take advantage of incremental discounts.

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You are here:  Lifestyle » Clothing and Apparel » Clothing
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