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Which animal has the most tastebuds?

Discover which animal has the most taste buds.

The catfish has 20 times as many taste buds as humans. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
The catfish has 20 times as many taste buds as humans.

You may be surprised to discover that the animal with the best "taste" just might be one of the more repulsive creatures to ever slither through the mud of a polluted river -- the humble catfish.

You see, that whiskered scavenger has about 20,000 taste buds in his mouth, or about twice as many as a human does.

But, even weirder, the catfish has an additional 180,000 taste buds on the outside of his body, which means that all in all he has 20 times as many taste buds as humans do.

Although the catfish has taste buds over the entire exterior surface of his body, they are most dense on the gill arches -- the ridges that support the gills -- and the barbells, those weird appendages that protrude from the fish's face like fleshy whiskers.

These exterior taste buds help the catfish search for food and sense harmful substances as he scavenges in dark, muddy water.

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