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Where can I find houses for sale?

Get details on where to find houses for sale through realty agents, homeowners or the government.

Find houses for sale through a number of sources. [© Shutterstock, 2009]
© Shutterstock, 2009
Find houses for sale through a number of sources.

While there are houses for sale just about anywhere you look, the real trick is finding a home that meets all of your requirements in terms of location, price, size and a host of other concerns that are specific to each homeowner.

Driving around hoping that you simply stumble upon the perfect home can feel like a fruitless enterprise, and before long you’ll wish you had someone to point you in the right direction. Fortunately, there are a number of sources you can turn to for help. In this article, we will show you some tips for how to find the right home for you as painlessly as possible.

Online Resources

A good resource to find houses for sale is Realtor.com, the official site of the National Association of Realtors (the country's largest real estate trade association and self-regulatory organization). Not only can you find houses for sale by location, price and number of beds or baths, you can also perform an advanced search based on property features like central air or a swimming pool, mountain views or waterfront location, and community features like golf courses or senior living facilities. On Realtor.com, you can also find a realtor, lender or mover and get helpful advice on buying a house.

Almost every major real estate company has a Web site that lists houses for sale. Century 21, RE/MAX and Coldwell Banker are just a few of the reputable sites that offer tools to search for houses, find a realtor and get practical information on buying a house. RealEstate.com is a popular real estate broker site with many of the same features.

The U.S. government can help you find houses for sale, too. Check the “homes for sale” sections of the Federal Housing Administration Web site and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Web site.

Buy Owner lists houses for sale by owner throughout the United States. You can even find houses for sale on classified sites like Craigslist or in the classified section of your favorite online newspaper. These are both great options for avoiding exorbitant realtor fees.

If you feel that online searches are an impersonal way to find houses for sale, you might want to contact a local realtor for help. A realtor is familiar with the local community and can find houses for sale that meet your preferences. He or she can also help you figure out which houses you can afford and shed light on other important considerations, like the property tax and utility rates in your desired neighborhood. There are many ways to find a realtor. Some options are searching Realtor.com, paging through your local telephone book, or getting referrals from your friends and family.

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