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What kind of care do tadpoles need and what do they eat?

Read about the specific kind of care and eating habits tadpoles need.

Tadpoles rely on a special diet and proper care to survive. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Tadpoles rely on a special diet and proper care to survive.

Keep the frog eggs and the tadpoles that hatch from them in water at all times, changing half of the water volume no more than once a week. The best diet is probably baby cereal having a high protein content, fresh greens and bits of egg yolk. Provide a rock island when the legs of the tadpoles appear. A 5-gallon (18.92-liter) tank is sufficient for a half dozen tadpoles. When they mature (lose their tails and have grown legs) they should be released in a pond or by the lake shore.

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