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What is the Q-BOP process for steelmaking?

Find out what the Q-BOP process is for steelmaking.

The hardness of steel depends on its alloy content. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
The hardness of steel depends on its alloy content.

The Q-BOP process for steelmaking is a variation of the basic oxygen process (BOP), which involves blowing high-purity oxygen through a bath of molten pig iron. This is called the Q-BOP process, used in the production of low-alloy steel, which is defined as steel that has no more than 5 percent total combined alloying elements.

It has mainly a surface hardness. The depth of hardness depends on alloy content. There are five types of processes currently employed in the production of low-alloy steels: oxygen top-blowing, known as LD (Linz-Donawitz) process, BOF (basic oxygen furnace), or BOP; oxygen and lime bottom blowing, known as OBM or Q-BOP; top and bottom mixed blowing; open-hearth furnace; and electric-arc furnace.

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