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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Find out what the Bermuda Triangle is.

The Bermuda Triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean. [© Jupiter Images, 2009]
© Jupiter Images, 2009
The Bermuda Triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean with the corners of the triangle being at the southern Virginia coast, the Bermuda Islands, and the Florida Keys, covering about 14,000 square miles (36,260 square kilometers). On a number of occasions ships and airplanes have vanished in this area, often without a trace.

Explanations for these disappearances have ranged from the plausible (extreme air turbulence, powerful ocean currents, waterspouts, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic storms) to the absurd (kidnappings by alien flying saucers, gateways to other dimensions). However, scientific studies have revealed no significant peculiarities about the area.

Many of the so-called incidents within the Bermuda Triangle can be attributed to other causes including bad weather, malfunctioning instruments and faulty navigation. It is also not the only part of the ocean where ships and planes have disappeared.

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