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What is sintering?

Read about sintering and how it's used in metallurgy technology.

[©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010

Sintering is the bonding together of compacted powder particles at temperatures below the melting point. This bonding produces larger forms, such as cakes and pellets.

Sintering is used in powder metallurgy technology, which is defined as the production of useful artifacts from metal powder without passing through the molten state. The heating process in which the powder particles are welded together is called sintering and the components produced are referred to as sintered parts.

These parts are normally quite small, and some typical examples made today are shock absorber pistons, belt pulleys, small helical gears, drive gears for chainsaws and automotive pump gears.

Because they are molded, sintered parts can have extremely complex shapes and do not require machining. The toughness and high strength properties of sintered parts make them especially good for today's high-technology systems.

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