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What is a Purple Heart donation?

Find out what a purple heart donation is and how to donate.

Purple Hearts are awarded to wounded military veterans. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Purple Hearts are awarded to wounded military veterans.

Helping people in need can be a rewarding experience. While many charitable organizations might be worthy of donations, those interested in benefiting causes related to military service may consider donating to the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

What are Purple Heart donations?

Purple Heart donations are charitable gifts given to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation Inc. This nonprofit organization was designed to help fund the service-oriented programs of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the charity that helps veterans and their families. 

The order is comprised of U.S. veterans who have been wounded in combat and thus awarded the Purple Heart medal. Requested donation items include clothing, household items and cars. These items are sold to thrift stores rather than given to actual veterans, and the proceeds support the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation. 

Where can I make Purple Heart donations?

Depending on where you live, you can request that a Purple Heart service truck pick up your donated items at your curb (drivers do not pull into driveways or enter donors' homes, so be sure to keep donations in a box labeled Purple Heart at your curb). For car donations, a tow truck service will come to your home and haul your vehicle away. If the pickup service is not available in your area, there are drop-off locations nationwide. The Purple Heart pickup service's Web site offers more information about scheduling a pickup in your area, with contact information for alternative drop-off locations.

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