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What are romantic honeymoon ideas?

Get exciting and romantic honeymoon ideas to make your honeymoon memorable.

Find romantic honeymoon ideas to create lasting memories. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Find romantic honeymoon ideas to create lasting memories.

For many couples, the honeymoon is a special trip to look back on as they grow old together. However, planning a honeymoon can be almost as difficult as planning the wedding. Check out some romantic honeymoon ideas below.

Romantic Honeymoon Getaways

Whether it's a tropical island with gorgeous sunsets or a cozy bed and breakfast overlooking a pristine lake, getaways can help newlyweds escape from their regular lives to a special place and time shared by just the two of them.

Choosing a destination can be difficult, but the choice should be based on genuine interest, rather than the popularity of a destination. For example, a large percentage of newlyweds choose to honeymoon in tropical isles such as Hawaii or the Virgin Islands. But for people who don't especially care much about the water or the sun, time spent on an island won't be particularly romantic.

Avid hikers might find a mountain retreat honeymoon more rewarding than a luxury suite in a resort hotel. Or a couple that enjoys arts and culture might find a bottle of wine at a shady bistro in a European village far more romantic than lying on the beach with a tropical cocktail. Adrenaline enthusiasts might try places that offer mountain climbing or whitewater rafting, or even something like bungee jumping or wild safari tours.

Honeymoon Activities

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel to costly faraway destinations. Luckily, location is not the only thing that sweetens (or spices up) a honeymoon. Another factor is what the couple does during their time together.

New activities can generate fun and intimacy on a honeymoon. Here are a few romantic honeymoon ideas:

  • Taking an outdoor hot-spring bath under a spray of stars
  • Discovering a new world of bright fish and colorful coral reefs by scuba diving or snorkeling
  • Enjoying a sun-soaked day of sport fishing
  • Hopping from five-star restaurants to sidewalk cafes for sumptuous meals and invigorating espressos
  • Experiencing wondrous views from cliffs, mountains or even the good old cable car.

Low-cost Honeymoon Ideas

Romantic honeymoon ideas don't have to be expensive. Remember, sunsets are free, as is moonlight. A stroll along the beach at sunset or stargazing from a mountain peak can be far more memorable and romantic than more expensive, manufactured "events" some people feel they have to do on their honeymoon.

Other cost-free, creative honeymoon ideas include giving each other massages, writing each other love poems, and spending time combining individual photo albums into a new one that represents a union.

Another unique idea is to create an "I love you because..." box. This entails writing down reasons why you love your spouse on scraps of paper, and putting them into a box or jar to present on the honeymoon. Write one for each day of the honeymoon, or better yet, each day of the year - a romantic way to start the day is to have your spouse select one piece of paper each morning from the box.

A romantic honeymoon is not just about the destination, it's about celebrating the start of a life together. Finding ways to do that on a honeymoon, and afterwards, can help any marriage get off to a loving start.

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