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What are popular work-from-home jobs?

Work from the comfort of your own home with some of these legitimate job opportunities.

Working from home offers certain comforts and flexibility an on-site career cannot. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Working from home offers certain comforts and flexibility an on-site career cannot.

Working from home offers great flexibility and is ideal for many people with kids, other jobs or extra time. There are different ways to work from home, depending on the time and commitment level desired.

Freelance Work

The first step should be to assess present skills. Skills in writing, graphic design, typing, customer service or technology can translate into a well-paid work-from-home opportunity.

Freelance Writers and Designers

Individuals with language skills and a computer can look for work as a freelance writer. Some Web sites post job notices from companies seeking freelance writers to create anything from magazine articles to Web content. Web and graphic designers can find clients and projects online through intermediary Web sites or in their local newspaper.


Fast typists can earn money by transcribing audio from television, lectures, speeches and more. Many of the sites that hire transcribers require prior experience working with digital files (video and audio). Some also require familiarity with the "Start-Stop Transcription" system, software that may need to be purchased for a home computer along with a foot pedal to operate the software.

Customer Service

There are several online sites that match customer service representatives with companies that outsource call-center services and infomercial vendors. Most of the matching services train work-from-home employees and find a client who needs their services. Depending on the company, a work-at-home customer service representative could be eligible for benefits and employee status, which would mean the company withholds taxes. Other companies hire on an independent contractor basis, meaning contractors pay taxes on their own. Check to see whether a company has joining fees and how they pay: hourly, per call, or per minute spent on the phone. The going rate is between $8 and $17 per hour. These jobs require a phone, computer and Internet access.

Get Paid for Opinions

Many online opportunities are available for people to make money by giving feedback on surveys or by serving as an e-juror. To find out about being paid to take online surveys, check out online survey clubs - but beware of scam sites that require payment for information.

Believe it or not, attorneys preparing for trial are willing to pay for opinions on their cases. There are several Web sites that will pay anywhere from $5 to $60 per case to e-jurors.

Start a Home Business

For the very ambitious, motivated individual, starting an at-home business can be highly rewarding. Individuals with the flexibility to build up their business slowly without expecting high returns immediately could be good candidates for an eBay-based business. Start selling unwanted items like old clothes, books, toys, etc. As income is generated, begin making purchases at garage sales, yard sales and estate sales. By observing which items are selling at eBay, sellers can make wise buys that will yield greater returns.

Another popular at-home business is the home day care center. Home day care license requirements vary by state, and the number of children cared for.

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