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Honeymoon Cruise

Find information on booking a honeymoon cruise.

Sailing the open seas on a cruise can be an ideal honeymoon. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Sailing the open seas on a cruise can be an ideal honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to spend uninterrupted quality time together, and a honeymoon cruise is a great option for newlyweds seeking both romance and travel. The average honeymoon cruise lasts one week, but couples can plan a longer cruise or combine two different cruises into one trip. According to Honeymooner's Review Guide, couples typically spend around $3,500 on a honeymoon, with some couples spending more than $5,000. While a variety of cruise destinations exist, tropical honeymoons are still among the most popular.

Choosing a Honeymoon Cruise Destination

Deciding on the destination is the most important part of planning a honeymoon cruise. The destination determines the feel of the honeymoon, including the types of activities and level of romance. AskMen.com lists Barbados, Virgin Islands and the French Riviera as the top three cruise destinations, with Alaska, Aruba, Cayman Islands and Hong Kong also making the list. Couples should decide which honeymoon activities are important, and then plan a cruise destination accordingly. Beach lovers can choose cruises to the eastern or western Caribbean, while an Alaskan cruise may appeal to people who want a unique experience in a pristine part of the United States.

Booking a Honeymoon Cruise

There are two options for booking a honeymoon cruise: through online travel Web sites or a travel agent. Unless the newlyweds are veteran cruisers, working with a travel agent can be helpful. Online sites, while offering lower prices, cannot give travelers the personal advice needed for a honeymoon cruise. A travel agent takes on the responsibility of booking air travel or car travel to the cruise port, setting up the cruise tickets and organizing a cruise itinerary that enhances the experience and ensures a smooth honeymoon trip. Travel agents also help arrange passport or citizenship papers and make sure travelers have required documents. These extra services help eliminate the stress of organizing travel, which is crucial for a relaxing honeymoon experience.

Travelers should look for travel agents certified by the Cruise Lines International Association, which offers training programs for travel agents, including personal experiences on different cruise lines. A certified travel agent generally has more experiences with cruise lines than a large Web-based travel company does.

However, there are online travel agents that hold certifications and have qualified cruise travel experiences. The difference between an online agent and an online travel company is that many online agents have offices and simply expand their services to serve Internet customers. Most online agents have toll-free phone numbers available, as well as e-mail addresses, while many travel companies offer only e-mail contact information. If a problem arises with travel plans during a trip, having a phone number is generally more helpful than an e-mail address.

Choosing a Honeymoon Cruise Package

A honeymoon cruise package usually includes perks and romantic treatment in the price. Some honeymoon cruise packages include complimentary wedding cake, flowers, cabin decorations, champagne, portraits, chocolates, special meals and ship credit for purchases. Many packages are all-inclusive, meaning the price of the cruise includes all the perks, but some cruise lines do charge an extra fee for honeymoon services. Non-inclusive honeymoon cruise packages increase the overall cost of the cruise, and the extra cost can be anywhere from $65 to more than $400, depending on the cruise line.

Couples should think about the necessity of a honeymoon package before making a purchase. Cruise ships are floating resorts so there are usually plenty of amenities available without investing in an extra honeymoon package. Beneficial extras may include free massages, free cocktails, meals or appetizers brought to the room or a special tour with the captain

Packing for a Honeymoon Cruise

Packing for a honeymoon cruise is similar to packing for a stay at any resort, except the location and environment change on a cruise. Clothing must work with the weather. For example, coats, gloves, hats, boots and other warm gear is essential on a honeymoon cruise to Alaska,. Packing requirements for a tropical cruise include bathing suits, sunglasses, sunblock, light dresses, slacks, shorts and both casual and dressy shirts. Travelers also should remember to pack for cruise activities, including fancy dinners and dancing. One or two formal outfits with dressier shoes should be enough for a one-week cruise.

It's a good idea to pack a first-aid kit for cruise travel. CruiseDiva.com recommends items such as bandages, antacids, anti-nausea medication and first-aid cream. Important information such as a driver's license and passport are important to bring with on a cruise ship as well. It is also a good idea to leave some extra space in a suitcase for any souvenirs bought during the honeymoon cruise.

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