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Wedding Gift for a Groom

Get information on wedding gifts for a groom.

Many grooms may be happy to get a new set of golf clubs. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Many grooms may be happy to get a new set of golf clubs.

Finding a wedding gift for a groom is a task that falls to many different members of the bridal party, along with family and friends. The bride and groom traditionally exchange gifts before the wedding or on their wedding night. Usually, the bride gives the groom a keepsake item that will remind him of her and their special day together. The groom may also buy his groomsmen gifts to show his appreciation for their taking part in his wedding. Also, the groomsmen may buy the groom a gift, such as paying for his activities at the bachelor party or a small memento to remember his bachelor days. Another gift the groom may receive, usually from his mother or his bride, is his groom's cake, served at the wedding reception. Wedding gifts to and from the groom characterize the festivities of the wedding day.

Gifts from the Bride

The bride's gift to her groom does not have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful and special to the groom. Some examples of gifts that brides give to grooms are cufflinks, a money clip, a watch, golf supplies, electronics or a poker set. Many times brides will have the gift engraved with a special message, the wedding date or the happy couple's initials. The bride may have her new initials engraved on the gift to show that she is happily becoming a member of the groom's family.

If the bride is on a budget, she should brainstorm a simple, but meaningful gift for her groom. Here are some ideas: an engraved keychain, a bottle of his favorite wine with some love coupons attached, a photo album of special memories or a personalized handkerchief. If the bride knows how to do embroidery, she could sew his initials on the handkerchief with his favorite color of thread.

For grooms who love technology, it is appropriate for a bride to get her groom an electronic gadget. For example, she could buy him a digital camcorder and include a note about how he will be able to record their life together with this new gift. A GPS system could also be given as a gift. With the GPS system, the bride could attach a note that states this gift will help the new couple travel to many new places together without arguing about directions.

If price is no object for the bride, she can think big—a new set of golf clubs, autographed sports memorabilia from eBay or a Rolex.

A great place to find wedding gifts and have them engraved quickly is Things Remembered. This store can be found in many local malls or Things Remembered items can be ordered online. Things Remembered has many choices of presents for the bride to give her groom such as a pocket watch, a flask, a sports throw or a pocket knife.

A Gift from the Groomsmen

The best man and groomsmen give the groom a bachelor party as his gift. (They will also buy the wedding couple a gift, as all wedding guests do, but that present should focus on both the bride and the groom.) The important thing about throwing a bachelor party for the groom is asking him what type of bachelor party he wants. Not all grooms want a wild night out; some just want to relax with friends. It is up to the best man to find this out and start planning the gift.

The groomsmen must also come up with the funds for the party, as the groom should not pay for himself. If the bachelor party includes 18-holes of golf, the groom golfs for free. If the party includes a nice steak dinner, the groom eats for free. This is a present from the groomsmen to the groom, and so the groom's wallet should stay at home.

Once the best man and groomsmen know what type of party to plan and how they are going to pay for it, then they can plan the party, send invitations to everyone who the groom would like to invite and make any necessary reservations. Sometimes the groomsmen will give the groom a T-shirt with a silly saying about his last days of bachelorhood or an engraved beer mug with the date of the bachelor party. These gifts are usually small and special between the men in the wedding. They are a memento of the bachelor party and their friendship.

Groom Groove provides detailed information for the best man and the groomsmen about gifts and bachelor parties.

The Groom's Cake

The groom's cake is a gift given to the groom by the bride, the bride's parents or maybe his own mother, depending on the traditions in the family. Often, the groom's mother will bake the groom's cake. It is not as elaborate or as big as a wedding cake. It is not meant to serve the wedding guests at the reception. The groom's cake is for the groom and the unmarried ladies who attended the ceremony and reception.

There is an old wive's tale that the groom's cake should be cut into small pieces. These small pieces are supposed to be wrapped in a napkin, small box or tin foil and given to the single women. These pieces should be put under the bachelorette's pillows. The story goes that whomever she dreams of that night, she will marry. When this tradition first started, fruit cake was often used as the groom's cake.

The groom's cake can be any flavor; chocolate is popular today. They are often made in a 10x13 inch pan. Once they have icing, they are decorated with hobbies or sports the groom loves. For example, if the groom loves to hunt, the cake decorator may use bright orange icing and put camouflage designs on the cake. A groom who loves airplanes may have an aviation theme or even have a groom's cake in the shape of an airplane. There have been several grooms' cakes made in the shape of baseballs, basketballs and footballs.

Grooms' cakes can be elaborate or simple, made by the family or the baker. It all depends on the brides' and the parents' budget and baking skills. CakeChannel.com has several examples of grooms' cakes in all different styles and prices from beer bottles to armadillos to race cars. Some of these are several stories high, just like a wedding cake. The bride and parents should think about what the groom would like since it is his cake.

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