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Web Designers

Get information on Web designers and learn how to find the right one.

Web designers work closely with companies in creating a Web site. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Web designers work closely with companies in creating a Web site.

When looking for Web designers, it's important to find a designer who can work with a company owner to create the right vision. According to Developer Shed, a company should want Web site visitors to quickly find the information they need. This means that a site should have a clean and easy to use navigational system. There are many things an owner should know when choosing a Web designer. The following are some of the most important questions to ask.

What has the company done before?

A company should choose a Web designer who can create the type of site they want. One way to determine this is to look at the Web design company's portfolio. Business owners should ask to see example sites that are in a similar price range to what the owner is looking for. This will ensure that they are not looking at a $10,000 Web site when they only have $500 to spend.

What is the turnaround time?

Business owners need to know how long a Web designer will take to design their site. A typical turnaround time is two weeks, provided the owner already has an idea of what he or she is looking for, as well as content to put on the site. However, popular Web design companies may take longer because they have more clients, while a newer Web designer may be able to offer a shorter turnaround time.

What is the payment policy?

A Web site may be a large expense for small business owners, so they should ask about the company's payment policy before signing a contract. Many Web design companies require a 50 percent deposit on the design, with the balance due upon completion. Knowing ahead of time when payment is required helps business owners manage their cash flow.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

The right Web design is very important for a company's image, so business owners need assurance that their site will look exactly like they want it to look. It's disappointing to receive the completed project and have it not meet expectations. Good Web designers will have a policy to deal with making changes to the initial site to ensure customer satisfaction.

What skill sets do the design company's employees have?

Many design elements must come together in order to create a successful Web site. The site needs to incorporate good design, valuable content, graphic design and search engine optimization. Ask if the design company is able to handle all of these tasks. This also helps to understand what the design company will provide and what the business owner is responsible for providing.

What is the cost and what does it include?

Business owners should understand how much money the design costs, what the Web design company will provide, and how they will do the work. Will the design be original or will the design company use a template? Who owns the copyright to the design? Does the cost include graphic design and original images? Take these into consideration when comparing the costs of Web designers. According to SitePoint, freelance Web designers may represent a better value than a professional Web design company, but a large company may be better able to deliver a complex site.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

After the site design has been completed, business owners need to know who will take care of updates to the site. If business owners do not have someone on staff who knows how to handle this, they may want to look for a Web design company that offers a monthly maintenance plan. On the other hand, if the business owner wants to save money by making changes in-house, it's important that the Web design company allows access to the hosting company and files.

Does the design company provide additional services?

In addition to Web site design, some companies also provide additional services, such as monthly maintenance, maintenance training or search engine optimization. These services can help the business owner have a better site and may be a good bargain if the owner can purchase them as a package.

What Web browser does the company use?

Web designers should answer that they use all of them. When designing a Web site, it's important to test how the site looks in all of the available browsers. The business owner does not know which browser customers use, so it's best to play it safe and have a site that is easily viewed from all Web browsers.

What questions does the Web designer have for the company owner?

Good Web designers will have several questions to ask business owners before starting on a Web site design. They need to feel confident that they understand what owners are looking for in a site and what image they want to present. A design company that does not ask these types of questions may not have the company's best interests in mind.

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