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Trade Show Flooring

Trade show flooring is a necessity where complex booths and convention attractions are concerned.

Trade show flooring is designed to reduce impact and allow people to stand comfortably for extended periods. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Trade show flooring is designed to reduce impact and allow people to stand comfortably for extended periods.

Trade Show Flooring

Trade show flooring is used with an exhibit booth at trade shows and conventions. A trade show is an exhibition during which companies in a specific industry promote and demonstrate their products and services. During these events, it is important that businesses have their display looking its best. With a variety of styles to choose from, trade show flooring allows an exhibit to incorporate the floor into their design. Trade show flooring has evolved through innovative engineering, making even seemingly immovable floors easy to transport.

What is Trade Show Flooring?

Trade show flooring is a portable flooring system designed to travel and be reused many times at conventions, conferences, trade shows or other events where temporarily flooring is used. It gives a company the opportunity to include the floor as a part of their exhibit design, making for a more attention-grabbing display. Not only a function of style, trade show flooring is designed for comfort. Presenters stand for hours on end to speak with potential customers about their product or service. Trade show flooring is designed with this function in mind, and is typically sufficiently padded to combat fatigue and back, leg and foot pain.

Renting versus Owning Trade Show Flooring

Many trade show venues offer the option of on-site flooring rentals. Floor rental can be expensive, so, depending on the number of trade shows a company attends, buying flooring may be more economical. Also, buying custom trade show flooring may help a business stand out from its competition, giving it the opportunity to choose flooring that matches its brand or color scheme.

There are many outlets through which flooring can be rented. Renting from a vendor other than the chosen vendor for a specific show, may or may not be cost-effective. For example, a basic 10 x 10 floor rental from Impact Displays can cost $200 a day, and this is comparable to the trade shows vendor costs. Most trade show flooring rental companies offer exhibit rentals as well, including tables, backgrounds, tents and more, so this may be a viable option for a business that is new to trade shows.

Types of Trade Show Flooring

Portability and comfort features are distinguishing characteristics of trade show flooring. Most trade show floors come with a carrying case and weigh about as much as a suitcase. With the different styles and colors available, a business can select a floor that projects the message they are trying to convey to potential customers. The different types of trade show flooring are as varied as the businesses that use them:

  • Interlocking comfort tile, which are large padded tile squares that are interconnected to form any size or design are available in simple or elegant styles. Smash It Displays offers this type of flooring
  • Flex Flooring is a roll-up flooring system that comes in a variety of materials, including vinyl, metal, stone and fabric, among others
  • Custom Carpets can have digital images of a company's logo printed on them, or be of a modular style
  • Wooden floors show prestige. Wooden trade show floors do not look portable, thus earning style points with customers. Brumark is one supplier of this type of flooring
  • Sustainable flooring using cork can make the statement that a business is environmentally friendly


Trade show flooring has become an integral part of business exhibit displays at promotional events. Possibilities are limitless, considering the different types, colors and styles of flooring available today. Whether it is better to rent or to buy trade show flooring depends on each company's priorities. If a company is planning to attend a significant number of trade shows, it may be wise to invest in trade show flooring as well as other booth components.

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You are here:  Business and Financial » Business » General
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