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Torrance, CA Real Estate

Find out about Torrance, CA real estate and more about this city.

In 2009 the median home price in Torrance was $550,000. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
In 2009 the median home price in Torrance was $550,000.

Torrance, CA real estate reflects a balance between residential, business and industrial properties, a goal of the city's founder. According to the Torrance International Trade and Visitors Center, Torrance is both a commercial hub and a leading industrial center in southwestern Los Angeles County. The city is also committed to maintaining a sense of community and a high quality of life for its residents, making it a desirable place to own a home, though its prices may be cost-prohibitive for some individuals. In mid 2009, for example, the median home price in Torrance was $550,000. Single family homes for sale on the National Association of Realtors Web site at the same time ranged in price from $180,000 to $2,250,000.

The Size of Torrance

Torrance, the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, is situated in what is known as the South Bay. One and a half miles of Pacific Ocean beach make up part of the city's western border. Torrance covers nearly 21 square miles of land and is home to 142,300 people, according to CNN Money.

Downtown Torrance

Preserved in downtown Torrance are vestiges of the city in its early years. Quiet streets, lovely old homes, and historic shops grace the downtown area. New businesses in downtown must be compatible with existing ones and are subject to the requirements of the City's Special Development Permit, the Torrance International Trade and Visitors Center explains.

Historic architecture includes the ivy-covered Torrance Bridge that serves as an entrance to downtown and the Torrance Depot. Once a functional train station, the Depot is now a unique area restaurant.

Community Life and Diversity in Torrance

With 24 parks, Torrance provides ample space for individuals and families to enjoy the outdoors in the city. Some of the parks serve as sites for the city's recreational classes, which promote community. Residents can take in the sights and sounds of the farmer's market in Wilson Park on Saturdays and Tuesdays while purchasing fresh California produce. Events such as the Annual Gourmet Food and Wine Festival also promote community while drawing visitors to Torrance.

Torrance has a rather diverse population, with a racial diversity index of 220.3, on a scale where 100 is the national average and numbers greater than that indicate greater diversity, according to CNN Money. The City of Torrance's 2000 census data indicated that 52.4 percent of the city's population was Caucasian, 28.7 percent Asian or Pacific Islander, 12.8 percent Hispanic, 2.1 percent were Black, 3.5 percent were two or more races and .3 percent each were American Indian and other. This cultural diversity translates into a variety of dining options on Torrance's Restaurant Row and cultural events that celebrate the varied heritage of the city's residents.

A Desirable Place to Live

In 2008, CNN Money's Best Places to Live rated Torrance as one of the best places to live. Torrance earned this distinction by scoring particularly well in leisure and cultural activities and weather, while it also received decent marks in quality of life indicators.

The number of theaters, bars, restaurants, libraries and public golf courses in or near Torrance is much higher than average, even among the cities in the 100 best places to live. Its personal crime incidents were two per one thousand, and property crime incidents were 22 per one thousand, indicating that Torrance is a relatively safe city. The median commute time for residence is 21 minutes, which is lower than average among best places to live.

Torrance's weather is rather pleasant, with an average high temperature in July of 85.7 degrees and an average low temperature in January of 44.6 degrees. The city has an average of 40 percent clear days. The rainfall average is at 15.74 inches per year.

Other Quality of Life Indicators

Torrance has 123 colleges, universities, professional schools and technical institutes within 30 miles. About 76 percent of K-12 students attend the 30 public schools in Torrance. On state tests, Torrance Independent School District's reading scores are 36.9 percent above the state average, but its math scores are 10.9 percent below the state average, as reported by CNN Money. Since 1988, the district has received more than 20 California Blue Ribbon School and Distinguished School Awards says the City of Torrance.

With just 45.5 percent of the days having an air quality index rated as good, the air quality in Torrance is not one of its best features. Torrance's funding for the arts is also notably low, with state funds spent on art at 10 cents per person.

Median annual family income in Torrance is $82,095, while the adjusted cost of living family purchasing power is at $50,520 per year. Sales tax is 8.25 percent. Torrance has enjoyed 12.08 percent job growth from 2000 to 2007, according to CNN Money's Best Places to Live.

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