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Spa Hot Tub Covers

Read about spa hot tub covers and how to purchase the right one.

Spa hot tubs provide relaxing and enjoyable fun. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Spa hot tubs provide relaxing and enjoyable fun.

Spa hot tub covers are important. No matter what kind of spa a person has, the need for a cover is not something to be overlooked. Not only do spa hot tub covers serve to keep kids and pets out of them, but they also help to protect the water from leaves and dirt. A good spa hot tub cover will also help to prevent heat loss and protect the spa from weather damage. For a new owner, the types of covers and where to buy them might be confusing, but with a little help, buying a hot tub cover can be a simple process that only has to be done every few years.

Types of Hot Tub Covers Available

There are a few different types of spa hot tub covers available, so it's important to consider which type of cover should be used at what time. Many hot tub owners use different kinds of spa hot tub covers throughout the year depending on their needs.

The Web site NSPI.CA includes details about the three major types of spa hot tub covers that a person might consider purchasing. The first kind is the insulating cover, the second kind is the roll cover and the third kind is the aluminum cover. Each cover is priced differently and will last for different amounts of time, so hot tub owners should do their homework before committing to one type of spa hot tub cover.

For instance, the insulating cover helps prevent the hot tub from losing heat. They are durable, resist sunlight and usually last for eight years. At a cost of around $350, these are the most economical.

Roll covers are very durable and will stand up to the elements quite well. They have an average life span of 10 to 15 years. At a cost of $500 to $900, many hot tub owners consider this type of spa hot tub cover a good investment.

The last common type of spa hot tub cover is the aluminum cover. Although they are durable, they do have a tendency to dent. The lifespan of an aluminum hot tub cover is usually around 12 years, and they typically cost about $950.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub Cover

When a person chooses a hot tub, it's important to make sure that a cover comes with the hot tub when it is installed. Whether the new hot tub comes with a cover or one must be purchased, it is so important to ensure that a spa hot tub cover is on the hot tub whenever it is not in use.

According to Cedar Tubs, it's important to consider how much weight the spa hot tub cover should be able to hold. A hard cover is usually the right choice for hot tub owners who have small children or will need to be able to climb over the hot tub frequently. If, however, the hot tub is in a home or room and there is no risk of drowning, then a soft spa hot tub cover is probably all that's needed to protect the hot tub.

Some jurisdictions require that an outdoor hot tub be covered with a hard spa hot tub cover and locked when the hot tub is not in use. This is usually an easy ordinance to follow, as many hot tub owners who keep their hot tubs outside choose a hard spa hot tub cover before they even have it installed.

Where to Get a Hot Tub Cover

There are many places where a hot tub owner can buy spa hot tub covers. Many people choose to return to the place where they got their hot tub. This often makes choosing a hot tub cover easier because the retailer might have the same brand of the hot tub the owner purchased.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes things happen—stores close, brands go out of business and before long, the hot tub that was easy to get accessories for a couple of years ago suddenly becomes outdated. That's why its important for owners to know how to properly measure for a new hot tub cover.

Pool and Spa recommends that hot tub owners measure the diameter and circumference of the hot tub before shopping for spa hot tub covers, so it's easier to choose which spa hot tub cover to buy.

If a hot tub is an irregular shape, it can be a good idea to purchase a spa hot tub cover directly from the manufacturer. By choosing to go to the manufacturer for hot tub accessories, hot tub owners can ensure they conserve energy and that they have a secure, up-to-code cover that will prevent damage and keep it clean.

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