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Security Doors

Read about security doors and how they can protect homes.

Security doors are an ideal way to keep intruders out of homes. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Security doors are an ideal way to keep intruders out of homes.

Security doors provide homeowners with an extra layer of protection against burglaries. According to DIY Network, since most burglars will spend no more than 60 seconds to get inside a home, securing doors and windows is the primary defense against break-ins. Security storm doors can also be installed to help individuals improve the efficiency of their homes. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, a home can be beautiful as well as safe with steel security doors.

Types of Security Doors

There are two primary types of security doors. The first type has the same physical characteristics as a standard fiberglass or wood entry door, but is made of steel for additional protection. The second type of security door is made of wrought iron. This type of security door comes with iron bars (available in a variety of decorative designs) positioned over tempered glass. Both types of security doors provide more protection from intruders than standard fiberglass or wooden entry doors.

Installing Security Doors

The steps to installing security doors are the same as those involved in installing storm doors. According to DIY Network, individuals should first measure the opening to ensure the new security door will fit properly. It is important to mark the hinge frame about one-eighth of an inch less than the opening and remove the security door glass before installing. This step will lessen the weight of the security door and make the door easier to handle. Once the hinges are installed, individuals should double-check proper fit of the door by swinging it open and closed. To complete the project, any new deadbolt locks that came with the new door should be installed along with the glass that was removed earlier in the installation process.

To achieve the highest possible level of security when installing security doors and other entry doors, the City of Gadsden Police Department recommends that homeowners:

  • Ensure their new door fits its frame with no more than one-eighth of an inch between the door and frame.
  • Install deadbolt locks with a minimum of a one-half inch bolt on all entry doors.
  • Place all entry door locks about 40 inches away from glass panels, mail slots, windows or other possible openings.
  • Always install door hinges on the inside so they cannot be removed from the outside of the home.

Safety Tips on Using Security Doors

Security doors and deadbolt locks can provide families with a greater confidence that they are protected against intruders. However, it is important for individuals to not only focus on keeping intruders out, but to also ensure they can safely exit their homes in the event of a fire or other emergency. Individuals should avoid installing deadbolt locks that require keys on the inside and outside of a security door or other entry door. As an alternative, individuals should use standard deadbolt locks that have one key lock for the outside and one turn-style bolt for the inside of the home. Individuals who are unable to switch out two-key locks should, at the very least, keep a set of keys near all security doors with two-key deadbolts to ensure that their families can safely and quickly exit the home if necessary.

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