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Romantic Gift Baskets

Romantic gift baskets can be themed to the recipient's favorite activity.

A gift basket can include favorite food items for a picnic. [Jupiter Images, 2010]
Jupiter Images, 2010
A gift basket can include favorite food items for a picnic.

Romantic Gift Baskets

Romantic gift baskets can be a great way to express love and appreciation to a woman on special occasions like Valentine's Day and her birthday. Men may score extra brownie points by making the gift basket themselves, or they can take the easy (but still appreciated) route of having a company design one for them. Either way, gift baskets make excellent presents because they can contain such a wide variety of candies and romantic goodies, they can be tailored to perfectly fit the woman's personality, interests and taste.

Romantic Gift Baskets With Flowers

Roses may be the traditionally romantic flower, but they are not the only choice for men assembling gift baskets: Psychology Today reports that 62 percent of people polled felt randomly picking a bouquet of wild flowers was more romantic than buying a dozen long-stemmed roses. Thus, to make a romantic gift basket with flowers, men should put some thought into choosing the blooms. One way to do this includes spelling out a partner's name by selecting different flowers that each start with the letters of the name. For example, roses for r, orchids for o and sunflowers for s. Another option is to use the flowers as a colorful backdrop for other gifts. For instance, a bunch of wildflowers can make a tasteful and rustic addition to a picnic lunch packed in a gift basket.

Romantic Gift Baskets for Food Lovers

Hobbies and recreational activities that people enjoy often indicate what types of gifts they might like. A person who likes to cook or bake may appreciate a romantic gift basket filled with kitchen items. These can be arranged in a gift basket with other kitchen items like hot pads, oven mitts or spices. Using different types of foods can work as a theme for romantic gift baskets, as well. For example, a dinner of French or Italian cuisine paired with a gift basket of wine and gourmet cookbooks is distinctly romantic and thoughtful. Of course, a basket filled with chocolate and wine is also a possibility, and is certainly romantic.

Other Ideas for Romantic Gift Baskets

A woman who takes pride in her health might enjoy a fitness-related gift basket. Gym memberships, diet or exercise books and fitness DVDs or magazines are good ideas for items in the basket. A professionally designed workout schedule might also work, as would a gift certificate for sessions with a personal trainer or sports coach.

Another popular area, depending on age, is gardening. A gardener might find it romantic to be given a gift basket with seeds, starter plants or small garden tools like a trowel and gloves. Because plants and flowers take time to grow, this type of gift will be a constant reminder to the woman of the man's thoughtfulness and love. Flower bulbs and garden accessories could also be used to fill out this kind of package, as could books on gardening history or techniques. However, because gardeners often have specific tastes in plants, men should find out what kinds of plants their partners enjoy or find fascinating before spending money on seeds or bulbs.

Packaging a Romantic Gift Basket

After researching the woman's interests and choosing a collection of gifts, the next step is to combine them into an appealing, attractive and tasteful gift basket. However, the gifts do not necessarily need to be stuffed into a basket, men should concentrate on choosing a container that conveys a personal message and that they feel the woman will enjoy. For example, Homemade-Gift-Basket-Ideas.com recommends using a heart-shaped or red container for any romantic gift basket.

To lift the gifts into view and keep them from shifting around, the bottom of the container should be filled with some type of filler. Any lightweight and supportive material will work, but good options are crinkle-cut or shredded paper, Styrofoam or tissue. Double-stick tape can also be applied to hold the gifts in place, but in many cases it is not necessary. For the finishing touch, men should consider putting the basket with the arranged gifts in a cellophane wrap. If they are good at tying knots, they can secure the wrapping with a homemade bow or ribbon. If this is too challenging, they can simply place the gift in a decorative bag.

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