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Rental Wheelchairs

Although some venues offer complimentary wheelchairs, sometimes it makes sense to rent.

Rental Wheelchairs

Whether they are used to rehabilitate a temporary medical condition or to get around easier at a vacation resort, rental wheelchairs are an option for those who require only the temporary use of a wheelchair. Many establishments such as hotels, zoos and theme parks provide rental wheelchairs to customers and visitors who may need a wheelchair on a temporary basis.

Reasons for Using Rental Wheelchairs

Rental wheelchairs are a great choice for those who use walkers or canes on a daily basis but need a more adequate mode of transportation when vacationing or attending an event such as a wedding. In fact, Disabled World includes renting wheelchairs in their tips for traveling when disabled, suggesting that disabled travelers should make arrangements for rental wheelchairs before embarking on their travels rather than waiting until they reach their destination.

There are many advantages to using rental wheelchairs when traveling:

  • The reduced risk of damage to a wheelchair during transportation
  • Getting the right kind of wheelchair for a particular venue -- for instance, a manual wheelchair used indoors may not be well-equipped to handle travel over outdoor terrain
  • Eliminating the problem of adaptability of the power source for electric wheelchairs in foreign countries
  • Repairs may be included for rental wheelchairs
  • Some establishments offer complimentary rather than or in addition to rental wheelchairs. Many malls, casinos, hotels, airports, parks and museums, as well as some attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center, offer complimentary wheelchairs to patrons who require wheelchair assistance. Some of these wheelchairs are available only on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Types of Rental Wheelchairs

The types of rental wheelchairs available at most medical equipment companies and other establishments that offer rental wheelchairs are:

  • Manual
  • Powered/Electric
  • Mobility Scooters


The best type of rental wheelchair to use is dependent upon its intended use. Manual rental wheelchairs might be best for a one- or two-day indoor event, while powered or electric rental wheelchairs or mobility scooters may be better for long-term outdoor use, particularly on rougher terrain.

Suppliers of Rental Wheelchairs

Rental wheelchairs are available across the United States and even worldwide, through medical equipment rental companies, vacation resorts, hotels, theme parks and more. For instance, Walt Disney World offers daily and long-term, manual and electric rental wheelchairs for visitors to the park. In addition, complimentary wheelchairs are available for use from the parking lot to a wheelchair rental station. Online resources for rental wheelchairs are also available to tourists visiting many major cities in the United States.

Cost of Rental Wheelchairs

The cost of rental wheelchairs is dependent on what type of wheelchair is used, and prices vary from company to company. Manual rental wheelchairs can cost between $6 and $25 per day, though some companies may charge less per day after the first day. Powered rental wheelchairs may cost between $35 and $45 per day, and some companies may require a minimum amount of days to rent powered wheelchairs. Also, there may be a minimal additional charge for accessories such as leg rests.

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You are here:  Health » General Health » Health Care System
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