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Relocation Specialists

Relocation specialists can also help find a new school for your children or employment for your spouse.

Relocation specialists take care of all of the details of a move. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Relocation specialists take care of all of the details of a move.

Relocation Specialists

Relocation specialists work to minimize disruptions for those undergoing job transfers. While relocation specialists are often hired by businesses trying to recruit an employee, they are sometimes hired by the employee or the government.

Relocation specialists seek to preserve the lifestyle of an employee who is transferring to a new environment and attempt to make the move as smooth as possible. They do much more than make sure the moving van is loaded, they often research schools, recreation and spousal employment opportunities. They hold a license and carry insurance.

The San Francisco Business Times explains that some businesses hire relocation specialists to entice employees into accepting a transfer. Such employees may be reluctant to accept job relocation without assistance from a relocation specialist because of uncertainties when settling into a new environment.

The Role of Relocation Specialists

Moving to a different community, state or country can be difficult and stressful for a family. Relocation specialists aim to reduce stress by making relocation hassle-free. They strive to ensure that the relocation destination will be comfortable and successful for not only the employee, but also for his or her spouse and children.

Relocation specialists are responsible for:

  • Assisting in the quick sale of the existing home
  • Assisting in home purchasing
  • Arranging estate or yard sales
  • Transferring utilities
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Recommending quality facilities in the case of elderly clients
  • Finding quality schools for children
  • Assisting with spousal employment
  • Explaining how to prepare for the relocation week by week
  • Explaining how to pack
  • Assessing the cost of living
  • Locating recreational activities

Cost of a Relocation Specialist

Hiring a relocation specialist is expensive, a company might have to pay as much as $80,000 to relocate a new employee who owns a home, explains the San Francisco Business Times. Although hiring relocation specialists can be costly for a business, it should be considered an investment because it may result in recruiting the very best employees. By alleviating the stress of finding a new place to live, the employee can focus on the needs of the job and may be encouraged to accept the job transfer after all.

Types of Relocation Specialists

Relocation specialists help employees relocate domestically and internationally. While some relocation specialists specialize in relocating government employees, others may specialize in moving the elderly. Some relocation specialists are hired to deal with a specific element of the relocation, such as selling an existing house and purchasing a new one, but many are responsible for the entire relocation process.

According to the Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROA), relocation specialists are in higher demand because of the challenging economy. Employees are concerned about selling their homes at a loss. As a result, some companies outsource the job relocation programs to private relocation specialists who can process multiple employees simultaneously, handle international moves and even assist employees in handling an economic downturn.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) assists federal agencies when they relocate to new offices. The GSA coordinates every step from equipment installation to accurately labeling boxes. The GSA also offers relocation services for federal and military employee transfers.

Relocation specialists that relocate the elderly must assess the new environment for an appropriate level of care, according to the Senior Housing Locator.

When employees are displaced because the land their home is on is cleared for commercial development, redevelopment agencies pay for relocation specialists.

Certification of Relocation Specialists

Businesses should choose a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS). While this designation is given by the Senior Transition Society Council to ensure competence in relocating seniors, it is a common national training and certification program. Individuals with this certification have undergone a background check, attended a course on becoming a relocation specialist and have passed a standardized examination with a score of at least 75 percent.

Tips for Ensuring a Successful Transition

Businesses hiring relocation specialists can follow these tips to ensure that the relocation process occurs smoothly:

  • Create a detailed policy that outlines the role of the relocation specialist
  • Inform employees of what the company offers with the relocation
  • Involve the entire family, not just the employee

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