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Pet Waste Removal

Pet waste removal can be performed by the pet owner or a paid service.

Many cities offer separate pet waste services, as opposed to placing it with other garbage. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Many cities offer separate pet waste services, as opposed to placing it with other garbage.

Pet Waste Removal

While pet waste removal is not generally a favorite topic of conversation, it is an important practice that pet owners should understand. Inadequate removal of pet waste is dangerous to families and the environment. Consequently, there are many benefits to pet waste removal, when it is done properly. Owners may choose to remove pet waste independently or hire a pet waste removal service. Regardless of the method used, proper pet waste removal helps to maintain the safety and cleanliness of yards and parks.

Benefits of Pet Waste Removal

Many people don't worry too much about the pet waste in their yards; however, they should be concerned. Pet waste removal can save families from serious illnesses, while also protecting the environment. Specifically, pet waste can spread disease amongst different pets who roam the yard. Furthermore, pet waste may infect family members with disease-casing bacteria and parasites, such as campylobacteriosis, salmonellosis, toxocariasis and toxoplasmosis. In addition to threatening the safety of families, pet waste threatens the safety of drinking water and other aquatic environments, such as rivers and streams. When pet waste is left on the ground, it runs off into storm drains, eventually making its way into various water sources.

Proper Pet Waste Removal

Many cities, such as the City of Los Angeles, are working hard to get the word out about proper pet waste disposal. There are certain procedures for removing pet waste. Specifically, pet waste can be flushed down a toilet, buried under dirt or bagged and trashed. When flushing pet waste, it is important to avoid putting rocks or other debris into the toilet, as these items could cause backup. Anyone wishing to bury pet waste should dig a hole that is approximately 5 to 12 inches deep. The hole should not be near any vegetable gardens or waterways. Pet waste that is thrown in the trash should first be sealed in a bag to limit contamination and discourage the invasion of insects.

Cost of Pet Waste Removal

The cost of pet waste removal varies depending on the region of the country, the number of pets and the number of weekly visits. In South Carolina, weekly rates are approximately $10 for one dog and $5 for each additional dog. The cost for weekly service in Chicago may range from $12.50 for one dog to $15 for four dogs. Customers in the Los Angeles area may pay $45 per month for one dog and one visit a week, or $175 a month for four dogs and three visits per week.

Finding a Pet Waste Removal Service

The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) is a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to professional pooper scoopers. Entering a zip code into its aPaws Find-a-Scooper International Directory is a quick way to find local waste removal services. Pet owners may also want to contact their veterinarian or groomer for referrals to local pet waste removal services.

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You are here:  Lifestyle » Pets » Pet Supplies and Services
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