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Pennsylvania Fishing

Pennsylvania fishing excursions can accommodate people of all skill and interest levels.

Pennsylvania fishing offers many seculded and unspoiled locations. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Pennsylvania fishing offers many seculded and unspoiled locations.

Pennsylvania Fishing

Fishing is a popular activity in Pennsylvania, and with good reason: there is an abundance of streams, lakes, and rivers throughout the state for those interested in Pennsylvania fishing. There are over eighty thousand miles of streams and rivers to fish. In addition, there are four thousand lakes and ponds (including Lake Erie) covering over six hundred thousand acres. Within this vast area of water there is an impressive variety of fish, enough selection to satisfy not only casual weekend fishing but also the more experienced sport fishing activities. It is of little surprise that Pennsylvania is a favorite destination for anglers wanting to enjoy a virtually limitless selection of fishing opportunities and locations within the states many lakes, rivers, and streams.

Gear for a Pennsylvania Fishing Trip

Fishing opportunities in Pennsylvania are everywhere and they vary greatly. The fishing gear required for the trip depends on the type of fishing that is planned. Fly-fishing and ice fishing are two popular types of Pennsylvania fishing requiring more specialized gear. These two forms of fishing are for more experiences anglers and require additional tackle. However, the basic gear for all types of angling consists of a fishing pole and some bait. In addition to the basics, additional tools to clean the fish and some containers for fish storage are always to be included on the gear list. Sporting goods stores sell a variety of fishing equipment from the basic tackle to the expert gear. The Internet provides many resources to assist in choosing and purchasing fishing gear.

Regulations and Licenses for Pennsylvania Fishing

While a person is deciding on the type of gear needed for a Pennsylvania fishing trip, he or she should also decide on the desired variety (species) of fish to catch. The choice of fish variety not only influences gear selection, but also the specific fishing locations for the trip. In addition, all rules, licenses, and regulations for these decisions will need to be considered before the trip begins. A complete list of Pennsylvania fish varieties can be found at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissions Fish Variety page.

After one has picked the desired fish variety for the trip, he or she is ready to choose the Pennsylvania fishing spots best suited for the selected species. There are some locations that require additional fees for fishing, called permits. A fishing license is needed for those over 16 years of age and there are other regulations based on the species of fish and the number of fish caught. To obtain a license, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) provides information for this service. The PFBC is the primary resource for all rules and regulations regarding Pennsylvania fishing. The PFBC also provides a yearly updated fishing rules and regulations book.

Locations for Pennsylvania Fishing

The best locations are simply a matter of individual preference based on the species of fish that the angler wants to catch. A little online research can be a beneficial to aid in trip planning. For example, trout fishing will involve one of many rivers or streams within the state. It is a good idea to check for the best locations from the PFBC. For example, the PFBC states that the stream Mahantango Creek, between Northumberland and Dauphin counties, and two additional streams in Carbon County, Lizard Creek and Mahoning Creek, are good choices for catching trout .

If one wanted to fish for Perch or Northern Pike, then planning for an ice-fishing trip would be in order. This trip would be to one of the many Pennsylvania lakes for some cold weather fishing. Resources such as lake maps and state park offices will provide the ice anglers with the desired information on the best locations for frozen lake fishing.

Whether trout fishing, ice fishing, or fishing for nothing in particular, anglers will find that the state of Pennsylvania provides many varied fishing opportunities for everyone. There are possibilities for group fishing and fishing trips in almost every Pennsylvania county. Picking the best fishing spot is a matter of personal taste. There are locations all over the state for all levels of fishing activity. The website Take Me Fishing provides a nice hotspot feature for finding the best places to fish in Pennsylvania and other states, based on species and other criteria.

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