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Outdoor Date Ideas

Read about outdoor date ideas and what to do during each season.

Outdoor date ideas are essential for having adventures outdoors. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Outdoor date ideas are essential for having adventures outdoors.

No matter the season, fun outdoor date ideas make for an interesting time and possibly a memorable adventure. However, the weather is important when planning an outdoor date. That's why it's beneficial to have multiple outdoor date ideas that encompass the different seasons.

Winter Outdoor Date Ideas

Winter may be the hardest season for planning outdoor date ideas, but with proper clothing and preparation, there are adventurous and fun outdoor winter activities that make great dates. A sleigh ride or simple horseback riding is romantic in the wintertime, especially if there is snow on the ground. A picnic is also possible in the winter by using an outdoor fire pit or building a campfire. Since the weather is warmest in the middle of the day, a picnic works well for an outdoor winter date.

Winter is a great time for outdoor sports that double as adventurous dates. The official site for Michigan tourism, Pure Michigan, cites skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating as popular and fun winter sports. By adding breakfast or dinner plans to the day, enjoying winter sports on a date is a great idea.

Fall Outdoor Date Ideas

There are a few unique dating ideas during the fall. Fall is the time for campfires, color changes in nature and Halloween. Some creative outdoor date ideas for fall include building a campfire and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. A nighttime hayride can follow the campfire, which is a great opportunity for stargazing. Dressing up in costumes and hanging around outside waiting for trick-or-treaters on Halloween is a simple outdoor date idea. Taking a drive or going for a walk to enjoy the leaves changing color and the briskness of the fall air is both romantic and fun. Pumpkin picking is enjoyable, especially if the pumpkin patch is within a regular pumpkin farm, but even city-dwellers can visit pumpkin stands. Taking the pumpkin home and carving it outside is the best ending to a pumpkin patch date.

Spring and Summer Outdoor Date Ideas

Spring is a great time for an outdoor date because everything is starting to bloom again, and the weather is warmer but still often crisp and refreshing. Some good outdoor date ideas in the spring include taking a walk on a trail and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Boating is fun in the spring because while the weather may still be too cool for swimming, it's perfect for hanging out on a lake and fishing, eating, listening to music and enjoying the day.

Summer has the most opportunities for outdoor dates because the weather is warm. Here are some popular outdoor date ideas, according to AskMen.com.

  • Eat lunch or dinner at an outdoor café, which allows for people watching and helps a first date feel a little less awkward.
  • Spend the day at the beach, where activities include volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, eating, walking, shell hunting and talking.
  • Outdoor concerts or other shows are popular, especially if both people enjoy the band or performer.
  • Picking fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries, is a fun and tasty outdoor date.
  • Hiking, biking, rollerblading or any other outdoor sport is a good date.
  • Amusement parks are popular for dates because all the fun and food is in one place.
  • Seeing a professional sports game, like baseball, is fun if both people enjoy sports.

No matter which season it is, planning an outdoor date inevitably leads to a lot of fun and memories.

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