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Nevada Job Search

A Nevada job search should take into consideration the prevailing industries in the state.

Many Nevaba jobs center on the entertainment and tourism niche. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Many Nevaba jobs center on the entertainment and tourism niche.

Nevada Job Search

Beginning a Nevada job search is much like finding a job in most of the United States as of 2009: not a simple task. It takes persistence, determination and time management to get ahead in the job hunt. This is especially true in Nevada, one of the state's most impacted by current decline in employment opportunities. As of April 2009, the unemployment numbers in the state of Nevada were at 10.6 percent, which was almost two percent above the national average, according to the Nevada Workforce. Despite these numbers, there are still plenty of places to look and opportunities to be discovered in the quest for new employment within the state of Nevada.

Resources for Nevada Jobs

Hometown newspapers and classified advertisements may prove fruitful for many of the unemployed, but, like many other U.S. states, the job market in Nevada has expanded into cyberspace. In addition to national and international job search engines located on the Internet such as Monster.com, Careerbuilders.com and Hotjobs.com, Nevada has numerous state, local and regional agencies to help unemployed and underemployed residents. This aid comes through both state- and local-level Web sites, as well as regional agency centers.

State Agencies

At the state level, residents of Nevada may use the services offered by Nevada's Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) in their job search. A job seekers page, linking unemployed with employers and networking resources, are some of the free services offered by the DETRs subdivision, Nevada Employment Security Division. The DETR also moderates the Nevada Job Exchange search engine, which allows job seekers to upload resumes and search for opportunities across the state. Additionally, they offer the services of Nevada JobConnect, a regional agency.

For those who desire to work for the Nevada state government, there is a search engine through the State of Nevada Department of Personnel. At this site, one may find jobs through some of Nevada's universities, such as the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, as well as information about state-level positions. Job recruitment announcements and information about the application process are easily accessible on the Department of Personnel's site.

Local Agencies

On the state site, there are links to many major cities and municipalities throughout Nevada. Upon closer examination, potential employees can locate part-time and full-time opportunities, ranging from the standard summer employment (park maintenance, lifeguards) to jobs with benefits with various agencies like Health and Human Services in Carson City. The various stages of the job application and hiring process are likewise described for Carson City job seekers.

Like the Nevada capital city, jobs are also advertised on the city of Reno's Web site. Their site includes information about the police recruiting process much like the Nevada state Web site provides information on how to start a new business. During these economic times, many job searches lead Nevada residents into employment sectors previously not considered. As a more traditional route, Reno residents may opt to look for employment at the local university, University of Nevada-Reno.

In the southern part of the state, jobs are posted on the city of Henderson's Web site. Henderson has an H.I.R.E. (Henderson Information on Recruitment and Employment) program, which makes computers available for the public to use in applying for city-level jobs. That way, although many job searches have gone online in recent years, those job seekers without Internet accessibility are still able to apply and search like everyone else.

If serving the people of Las Vegas is more aligned with a job seeker's desires, the city of Las Vegas also has a Web site of its own with jobs ranging from corrections officers to firefighters. This is in addition to all of the tourist destinations, casinos and hotels one could try corporate Web sites for job vacancies being posted weekly. The metropolitan police and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas campus are alternative locations to search for employment within Las Vegas city limits.

While this is not an exhaustive list, many other Nevada towns, cities and local municipalities maintain their own commerce, employment and government Web sites, and the above examples give ideas of the possibilities out there for employment closer to various localities. Perusing newspaper classifieds is also a great way to locate job opportunities if location is a high priority in consideration of jobs.

Regional Agencies

As mentioned with the state-level agencies, Nevada JobConnect is a regional agency for Nevada residents. It consists of offices across the state, with staff eager and equipped to help those looking for employment. These offices offer aid not just with job searching but also with training opportunities, information about unemployment benefits and other resources the unemployed may need in order to stay financially afloat during the job search There are offices in Reno, Fallon, Las Vegas, Henderson, Carson City, Elko, Sparks, Pahrump, Ely and Winnemucca, according to Nevada JobConnect. These centers provide regional alternatives to online and personal searching for employment. The career counselors at the regions universities and these regional agencies can help expand the job search and expedite it in many cases as well.

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