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Myspace Backgrounds

MySpace backgrounds can add a decorative touch to an otherwise mundane profile page.

MySpace backgrounds often include natural phenomena. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
MySpace backgrounds often include natural phenomena.

MySpace Backgrounds

MySpace backgrounds give users a way to customize the site to express their individuality and stand out in the crowd. Options for changing the background are accessible through the Customize Profile menu item on the Profile menu under Appearance. The item that new users may more commonly think of as a background is actually called a theme. This is the array of colorful photos and other pictures provided under the Select Theme option. When a user has selected a theme, it appears at the top and sides of the profile page behind the MySpace logo, Web search box and any modules the user may have set up. But the item that MySpace designates as a background is found under the Advanced Edit option and can offer as much variation as the user desires. Both items can work together to provide almost infinite customizability for the MySpace users profile page.

Types of MySpace Backgrounds

MySpace offers 29 theme options, one of which is the blank space designated No Theme. The Default option is the MySpace logo against a light blue background, and the next few are movie advertisements. However, there are a variety of other themes that include cityscapes, popular entertainment figures and recreational scenes, among others.

For backgrounds under the Advanced Edit menu, users have two basic options. One is to select or create a color from a palette of hues and brightness. The other is to use a background image stored somewhere on the Internet. This option, while more complicated to set up, offers a nearly unlimited variety of backgrounds for a MySpace profile.

How to Set Up MySpace Backgrounds

Users can set up MySpace backgrounds by going to Customize Profile and clicking on Appearance (if this does not display by default). Choosing Select Theme causes thumbnail pictures of the themes to appear in the display frame at the right of the screen above the current Profile page. The user can select one of these themes or choose to leave the theme as it is and move on to the backgrounds.

All sections of the Advanced Edit option offer background choices. The first section, Background, determines the background for the entire profile page. If the user wants a single color as a background, the first drop-down box in this area, labeled Color, offers the ability to choose any shade and hue combination. If the user prefers to use an image stored somewhere on the Internet, the Web address should go into the next box, Url. The next three drop-down menus allow choices for scrolling, position and repetition.

The next two Advanced Edit options, Content and Modules, repeat the same choices as the Background option, with the addition of a Border & Padding section that lets users change the width and color of the module borders. The Advanced Edit option then contains two sections, Module Headers and Module Bodies, in which the user can choose not only the background of those sections but also the colors, sizes and other features of the text.

A user who wants to use a pre-generated MySpace background from an outside source such as FreeMyspaceBackgrounds.net should enter the HTML code into the text box under the final Advanced Edit option, CSS. The Preview button at the top left of the page allows the user a chance to check how the background will look before finally clicking Publish at the top right.

Tips for Using MySpace Backgrounds

Profile themes can work together with MySpace backgrounds to create a unique page that truly expresses each users personality. For example, a user who selects the Stars theme might choose to have a plain black background for the modules the rectangular sections of each MySpace profile or might choose none at all, to let the full theme picture show through. Conversely, many different background colors would work well for themes such as Simply Blue or Grunge because these themes are relatively plain. The chosen background color could coordinate or contrast with the basic blue or black.

When choosing background colors, the MySpace user should also pick a coordinating text color for the modules to ensure that readers can distinguish the text against the modules background. The colors of the header and body backgrounds can match each other to look like one unit, or they can contrast, so that a stripe of a different color heads each text box. In either case, the user can choose the appropriate text color, font, style and alignment in the same options boxes that include the background choices.

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