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Mens Gold Bracelets

Mens gold bracelets are available in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from simple to ornate.

Yellow gold is a common choice for mens bracelets. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Yellow gold is a common choice for mens bracelets.

Mens Gold Bracelets

Mens gold bracelets date back to biblical times. Back then, the purpose of the bracelets was to show wealth or use for bartering rather than to provide a fashion statement. During the 1950s and 1960s, I.D. bracelets for men, women and kids were all the rage. While the market for mens bracelets waned in the 1970s, they were back in style by the 21st century.

Types of Gold in Mens Bracelets

Karats measure the purity of gold, and the more pure gold in a piece of jewelry, the higher the cost. In the United States, 10-karat gold is the lowest form of gold sold in stores, but other countries sell 8-karat and 9-karat gold. Other measures of gold include 24-karat, 18-karat and 14-karat. There is 100 percent pure gold in 24-karat gold, while the other golds have alloys mixed in for durability. When shopping for mens gold bracelets, consumers should look for the k stamped onto the gold, which signifies that the gold is authentic.

Yellow gold is the most common type of gold found in jewelry stores and is popular for gifts and fashion jewelry. Yellow gold is comprised of a mixture of gold, silver and copper. White gold is gold mixed with silver or other white metals, making this gold extremely reflective and hard to tarnish. Rose gold comprises copper and possibly silver, giving this gold a pinkish tint. Other colors of gold include green gold, black gold, brown gold and purple gold.

Techniques used in constructing mens gold bracelets include gold overlay and gold plating. These procedures take a standard metal and cover them with at least 10-karat gold.

How to Spot Real Gold Bracelets

A real gold bracelet is one made of solid gold. While gold overlay and gold plating use real gold to make the outer portion of the jewelry, the underlying metal is merely a mixture of alloys. In 2004, ABC News sent their 20/20 investigators out on a search for real gold and found that many jewelry stores scam customers by selling 8- and 9-karat gold disguised as 10-karat gold. 20/20 reports that there was $16 billion worth of jewelry sold in 2003, and under-karating is common in the jewelry retail industry.

Spotting fake gold is not easy, but some telltale signs are too much shine and cheap-looking design. Real gold is not overly shiny. It is a soft yellow gold with a slight shine. The edges should not look frayed and the gold bracelets should not have shoddy artisanship. For trademarked designs like a popular logo, there must be a license stamp on the piece. If the license stamp is missing, then the retailer is stealing the trademark and possibly lying about the authenticity of the gold.

Choosing Mens Gold Bracelets

The standard size of a mens bracelet is eight inches. The easiest way to determine proper bracelet size is to wrap a measuring tape around the wrist where the bracelet will be worn, and record the number. If the number is less than the standard eight inches, a jeweler can take out links or attach an adjustable clasp.

The type of mens bracelet a person chooses depends upon whether the bracelet is meant for everyday wear or as an accessory for special occasions. Some common types of mens gold bracelets include:

  • White gold rope chain
  • Yellow gold rope chain
  • Gold I.D. bracelets
  • Gold curb bracelets
  • Cuban link bracelets
  • Figaro gold bracelets
  • Gold and diamond bracelets
  • Gold mariner bracelets
  • Box chain
  • Snake chain
  • Wheat chain

Gold bracelets meant for everyday wear could include the I.D. bracelet with the mans name engraved on it, a simple chain or rope bracelet. Dressier bracelets include any bracelet accented with diamonds or other precious stones. White gold bracelets are a good choice for men who prefer silver, but do not want to spend time polishing jewelry. White gold resembles silver but never tarnishes.

Cleaning and Care of Gold Bracelets

Gold requires special care to maintain a lustrous appearance and to last for a long time. The World Gold Council recommends that gold jewelry not be kept in pouches with other pieces of jewelry. This causes scratches and wears down the gold. The Council recommends storing gold bracelets and other jewelry in individual boxes lined with satin or velvet. If storing the jewelry together is the only option, owners should wrap the pieces in tissue paper or other covering for protection.

A very soft brush or cloth is the best material for cleaning gold jewelry. Since gold is a metal, using a hard brush or porous cloth can scratch the surface. A simple cleaning method for mens gold bracelets is to use rubbing alcohol to break down any dirt and grime, and then to wash the bracelet with a simple solution of soap and water. Jewelry stores sell special cleaners for gold that work just as well as homemade solutions.

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