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Jewish Personals

Jewish singles can use personal ads, community centers and local newspapers to connect with others.

Jewish personals may result in a good match! [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
Jewish personals may result in a good match!

Jewish Personals

Jewish personals offer single men and women the chance to jumpstart their love lives without compromising their beliefs and values. Whether they're looking for the one or just want to have a good time, Jewish personals link people up with others searching for the same thing. Although online personals are easy to use and popular, more traditional venues like community centers and local newspapers offer Jewish singles many opportunities to meet and mingle.

Jewish Personals in Print

People should first check the classified and personals sections of their local newspapers to see if they contain postings for Jewish singles. There are also several national newspapers that specifically cater to the Jewish community. In addition to the news, classified and sports sections, these papers offer networking resources for Jewish singles. For example, The Jewish Advocate, based in Boston, Mass., has a single's section. The section includes a single's social calendar full of events in the area, like trips and mixers, that cater solely to single Jewish people. Similarly, The Jewish Week is a publication serving Greater New York and has a single's section including personals and an event calendar. Users can narrow their search by region, including Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn/Staten Island. Then, they can find links to events such as mixers and gatherings in their area.

There are also many newspapers based on the West Coast that publish Jewish personals. For example, J. The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California has a personals page and classified section containing contact information of local matchmakers. People who want an even broader scope of their search can look into international publications like The Jewish Chronicle, which is distributed worldwide. However, only paying subscribers are given access to the Social and Personal pages.

Jewish Personals Online

Online dating services specializing in Jewish personals have successfully matched thousands of Jewish singles. JDate is the most popular of these services. It prides itself on creating a social scene that is laid-back, fun and comfortable. There are hundreds of thousands of members all around the world, and the site strives to maintain a 1-to-1 ratio of males to females. Members pay a monthly fee and get to know each other through profiles, pictures, essays and informational tidbits. Those interested in pursuing a relationship further also have the option of setting up a live meeting.

Another online Jewish personals resource, Jewishmatch.com, offers clients a Scientific Personality Profile Analysis (SPPA). An interactive test grounded in scientific research and theory, the SPPA analyzes member's personalities to find them the best emotional matches. On top of this, clients can create profiles, communicate anonymously and chat for free. Jewishmatch.com also has an automated match finder called CyberCupid that scouts the database for potential matches and sends the results to members through e-mail.

JSingles is yet another Jewish personals website. Its free membership provides Jewish singles with the opportunity to create a profile, upload photos and search for other singles in their area. The site also offers instant messaging services.

Linking Through Community Centers

Jewish Community Centers are located in cities across the country. Many have resources specifically available to singles. The Jewish Community Center of Houston is one of several centers that participates in a program called GesherCity for singles and couples between 21 and 35 years old. It brings people together to socialize with events such as game outings, art projects, potluck dinners and poker nights. People interested in meeting others can find out more information on the JCC's website or by calling the center. GesherCity itself is a nonprofit group that connects young Jewish adults and is available in at least 20 cities across the United States. The group's self-proclaimed mission is to function as a social hub for Jews in their 20s and 30s.

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore also utilizes GesherCity. In addition, the center sponsors events for people in their 20s and 30s interested in mingling, hanging out with friends and meeting new people. The Got Shabbat? program allows singles to gather for informal Friday night dinners, which feature a free kosher meal provided by the center.

Those community centers without specific singles' activities are still good places for Jewish singles to mingle. For instance, Canton Jewish Community Center, in Canton, Ohio, plans various activities for adults, including luncheons, dinners, trips and special events. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington also plans several activities for young adults, including trips to Israel. While it is not a dating service per se, joining groups at the local Jewish center offers people a chance to meet and form relationships that may eventually become romantic or intimate.

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