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Insurance Quotes

Insurance quotes are available for any type of insurance including automobile, homeowners and life insurance.

An insurance quote allows you to compare coverage. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
An insurance quote allows you to compare coverage.

Insurance Quotes

Insurance quotes help consumers determine which insurance company offers the best insurance package. With an insurance quote, a company provides a person with the amount it would charge for insurance coverage. The quote is not a guarantee or a contract until the legalizing documents with the insurance company have been signed. The setup of insurance quotes varies by company, but most companies include the total amount of cost for one year of coverage. This insurance company may divide the total cost into monthly payments. Insurance quotes also include important policy information like how much deductible must be met before the company will contribute to costs. Insurance quotes help ensure that a person gets the most coverage for the least amount of money from a reputable insurance company. When it comes to insurance costs, a person can benefit by getting quotes for home, renters, auto, life and medical insurance.

Home Insurance Quotes

Home insurance quotes provide a prospective homeowner with information related to protection from the loss of a home. Banks require people to secure home insurance before finalizing the mortgage, and most banks include the cost for the home insurance in the monthly payment for the mortgage. With home insurance quotes, a homeowner needs to get enough coverage to cover the replacement cost of the home. Usually an insurance company increases the amount to include coverage for a person's possessions located in the home. According to InsuranceQuotes.com, most insurance companies place a cap of 50 to 70 percent when it comes to the replacement cost the company will pay toward possessions. A person should read the insurance quote carefully to ensure that the percentage is the cost for replacement of the possessions rather than their depreciated value.

Renters Insurance Quotes

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a poll conducted by the Insurance Research Council found that 43 percent of renters have this type of insurance coverage. Renters insurance quotes provide a person with the cost of insurance to cover the person's possessions in a rented apartment or home. Usually the insurance covers loss from theft, fire and vandalism, but some companies may offer a lower rate with one of these threats excluded. The insurance quote a person receives may depend on the amount of coverage needed, the deductible the person is willing to pay and whether or not the person has other insurance policies with the insurance company.

Auto Insurance Quotes

With an auto insurance quote, a person can determine the cost to insure any type of moving vehicle. While most people might think of a car or a truck, auto insurance covers motorcycles, boats, RVs, snowmobiles and other modes of transportation like Segways and scooters. An auto insurance quote includes the deductible and identifies the coverage. When a person has a loan for an automobile, the lending bank will require specific coverage for the vehicle, but if the person owns the title to the vehicle, the coverage options may include liability only, lowering the cost of the insurance. The insurance quote should also contain information on how much coverage the policy provides toward medical costs in the event that a driver has an accident.

Life Insurance Quotes

According to the American Council of Life Insurers, most Americans use life insurance to protect their family from financial hardship in the event of death. Life insurance quotes provide a person with details on the cost of the policy, the length of the policy, the conditions under which the life insurance company will pay the beneficiaries and the amount the beneficiaries receive upon the death of the policy holder. Life insurance quotes may depend on the risk factors involved with the person seeking the policy. These factors include the age and health of the person, whether or not the person smokes and the lifestyle of the individual. In some cases, an insurance company may require blood tests or other tests to determine the health of the individual.

Medical Insurance Quotes

Many employers offer medical insurance for employees, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as of 2007, 43 million people under the age of 65 in the United States did not have medical insurance. Employees who can't get coverage through their employer can find medical insurance on their own. Medical insurance quotes provide information on the deductible, the co-pay per visit, the type of coverage, whether or not the insurance includes dental and vision and other information. When evaluating medical insurance quotes, a person should consider whether the insurance company pays for bills from all hospitals or whether it requires participants to use approved health care professionals.

Utilizing Insurance Quotes

The number of insurance quotes a person wants to evaluate depends on the individual. Aside from the cost of the policy, deductibles and the amount of coverage should be considered. To find several insurance quotes, a person might want to use the Internet, which provides numerous websites offering insurance quotes. A person can use one of these or look directly for insurance providers; most provide insurance quotes online. A person can also call local insurance agencies and ask for quotes. Most insurance companies offer a discount for multiple insurance policies, so it may cost less for a person to purchase insurance policies through one company. Some companies provide their quotes along with the competition's. It is best to look for a website that isn't affiliated with any of the companies for which it provides quotes in order to get an unbiased quote.

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