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How to Select Safe Toys for Children

Choosing age-appropriate toys is one way to ensure your child's safety.

Research toy safety before making a toy purchase. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Research toy safety before making a toy purchase.

How to Select Safe Toys for Children

Toy safety should be listed as a high priority on a parent's to-do list. When shopping, parents should always strive to select safe toys for children. Parents who follow toy safety put their children at a much lower risk for injury than those who are not as aware. Remaining knowledgeable and aware of different aspects of toy safety at all times can help parents select safe toys for children.

Stay Informed of Toy Recalls

The first step in toy safety is checking with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to be sure the toys you select for your children are safe. This step in toy safety should be done before the toys are purchased. The decision to select safe toys for children should be a well-informed one. Recent recalls due to lead and melamine poisoning have made parents more aware of their children's playthings than ever. While those two contaminants are one thing to watch for, keep in mind that toys can get recalled for a variety of other reasons as well. Always be on the lookout.

Select Age-Appropriate Toys

Age level is another way to determine how to select safe toys for children. The CPSC can also help in this area with an informative guide on toy safety by ages. Once toys are determined not to be on the recall list, age appropriateness is another important determination factor in toy safety. Even though a child younger than 3 years old might enjoy a certain character, toys depicting that character may not always be safe toys for that age group. Toys with small parts can be deadly to young children, as they pose choking hazards. Any with small parts are not safe toys for the younger set. Instead, opt for toys that are all one piece or contain large parts that cannot fit inside a child's mouth.

Select the Proper Safety Accessories

When children ride bikes, scooters and skateboards, accessories like a helmet and knee pads should be worn every time, according to Emergency Care for You. These items should be examined to make sure they fit properly. Bikes and scooters are not exactly safe toys. But, adding the appropriate accessories can make them safer than they are without. Scooter injuries account for a great deal of childhood emergency room visits every year.

Be Cautious of a Toy's Construction

Another way to select safe toys for children is by paying attention to the construction. Are the toys put together well? Manufacturers who are cautious of toy safety will generally construct toys that do not fall apart or break easily. Toys that break easily are not safe toys. Also note how the toys are colored. Is the toy painted or dyed? When lead is found in the paint of toys, it often is in toys with a painted surface. However, that is not to say that dyed products are always safe; just that painted products can contain lead.

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