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How do you transfer music to an iPod?

Learn how easy it is to transfer music to an iPod.

Transferring music from an audio CD to an iPod is a simple process. [©Jupiter Images, 2009].
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Transferring music from an audio CD to an iPod is a simple process.

Music is transferred to an iPod through a program called iTunes, which users can install on their computer for free. The equipment necessary to transfer music from iTunes to an iPod is included in the purchase of a new iPod. Read this informative article to learn how to transfer music to an iPod classic.

Files must be transferred to an iPod through a computer. Classic iPods are fitted with a dock connector that allows users to connect their iPod to a USB 2.0 port on both Mac and PC computers. If you own an iPod dock, insert the USB 2.0 end of the USB cable (which should be included with your iPod) into the USB port on your computer and connect the other end into to the dock. Unless the keyboard has a high-powered USB port, it is necessary to connect the iPod to the USB port on the computer.

iTunes is the software application used to transfer music from a computer to an iPod. If iTunes has been installed on a computer, connecting an iPod will automatically start the program. Keep in mind that when transferring music, it is possible to damage music files on the iPod by disconnecting the iPod from the computer while it is connected or syncing. Be sure to eject the iPod before disconnecting.

Add music to an iTunes library by importing tracks from CDs or purchasing songs or albums from the iTunes online store. To add music that is already on the computer, drag and drop the folder or file into the iTunes library. If the file type is not supported by iTunes, it will not transfer.

To import music from a CD, open iTunes and insert the disk into the computer. If the computer is connected to the Internet, iTunes will automatically supply song titles, CD titles and artist names. Next to each album song title displayed on your iTunes screen is a check box. Uncheck any songs you do not want to transfer, and then click the "import" button.

To buy music through iTunes, users must open an account that will store their information and the credit card number. Once they have an account, users can search iTunes for specific music or browse music by category. While users may listen to music samples, they will not be able to transfer the music to an iPod until the song has been purchased and downloaded.

To control how to transfer music from iTunes to an iPod, set the preferences with iTunes. The first time an iPod classic is connected to a computer, iTunes will ask whether the user wants to automatically sync songs and playlists. If yes, iTunes will update the iPod every time it is connected to a computer. To manage the music on an iPod manually, click "iPod classic" in the source list of iTunes, choose the "Summary" tab, select "Manually manage music and video" from the options section and click "Apply." Manually managing the music on an iPod allows users to add and delete individual songs, and to add music from other computers without erasing files from their own.

The basics of transferring music to an iPod apply to all models. However, there are certain minor differences between iPod classics and models with less memory. For instance, other models may not automatically sync music from an iTunes library because their memory cannot support the entire playlist. Apple periodically releases new iPod models. To read more about how to transfer music to all available models, visit Apple.com.

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