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How To Download Music To An MP3 Player

There are several easy ways to download music to an MP3 player.

Downloading music to an MP3 player is relatively simple. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Downloading music to an MP3 player is relatively simple.

How To Download Music To An MP3 Player

So you just got your shiny new MP3 player out of the box. Now what? Before you can start enjoying your tunes, you've got to figure out how to download music to your MP3 player.

In most cases, the first thing you'll need to do is connect your MP3 player to your computer and charge the battery. This is usually done with a USB cable that comes with the player.

The next step will depend on the type of player that you have.

Downloading Music to an Apple iPod

If you have an iPod, you'll need to install iTunes, Apple's music library software. After that, you'll need to transfer your music to iTunes either by ripping it from CDs, purchasing it in the iTunes store or by importing it from existing MP3s on your hard drive.

Once you've installed iTunes and set up your music library, you can transfer the songs to your iPod by syncing the device by selecting the "File > sync iPod" option. You can tell iTunes to copy all or some of the songs on your computer to your iPod.

Downloading Music to Other MP3 Players

Any other MP3 player will use one of two methods to transfer files -- UMS or MTP. The companies that make the players don't always make it clear which method they use, so if you're unsure you can look up your MP3 at Anythingbutipod.com.

If your MP3 player supports UMS/MSC operation, your player will show up on your desktop as an extra drive after you connect it to your computer with a USB cable. When this happens, all you need to do is open the drive and drag-and-drop the files you want from your hard drive.

If you want to use your MP3 player with an Apple computer, or with a computer that's running an older version of Windows (pre-XP), you'll need to make sure your MP3 player is capable of UMS operation.

If your MP3 player uses MTP to transfer files, you'll need a computer running Windows and an up-to-date version of Windows Media Player to transfer files. You can transfer the files using the "Copy to CD or Device" button on the Windows Media Player window, or, in many cases, simply by opening the device from the desktop and dragging-and-dropping the files.

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