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Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymoon cruises have long been among the most popular post-wedding celebrations.

Honeymoon cruises often have a casual party atmosphere. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Honeymoon cruises often have a casual party atmosphere.

Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymoon cruises offered by large, traditional cruise lines have long been a popular option for newlyweds. These cruises offer meals and drinks, nightly entertainment, casinos, pools and more, much of which is included in the price. However, with literally thousands of passengers onboard these megaships, such voyages can lack the personality and privacy some newlyweds seek in a honeymoon. To respond to this demand, companies have begun to offer unique, more personalized honeymoon cruises on tall ships, private yachts and steamer ships. In some cases, the cruise destinations remain the same, such as yachts traveling the Caribbean, but others take passengers to places large cruise ships are not able to travel.

Tall Ship Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymoon cruises aboard a tall ship can offer some of the benefits of a trip with a major cruise line, such as all-inclusive meals and drinks, nightly entertainment and day excursions and other adventurous activities, without the huge crowds found on bigger ships. Most tall ships hold 75 to 150 passengers, offer comfortable cabins with private baths and provide access to unique ports not visited by larger cruise ships. Tall ships will not have some of the amenities of a traditional cruise ship, such as a spa, casino and room service. What couples will find, however, is a charm that huge cruise ships cannot often provide, with beautiful wood decks where a couple can lounge during the day, or even assist with the hoisting of the sails, and dance under the stars at night.

One popular tall ship cruise company, Windjammer Tall Ship, and a discount off an anniversary cruise. Windjammer also performs casual wedding ceremonies on deck. The company offers a tall ship cruise for less than $1,000 per person for a seven-night cruise, but according to TravelWeekly, the average price for this type of trip averages around $1,500 per person.

Many tall ship honeymoon cruises sail among the Caribbean islands, but voyages can be found that tour everywhere from Hawaii and the Pacific Islands to Japan. Travel agencies can assist with booking tall ship honeymoon cruises and airfare to the port from which the ship will disembark, or couples can find deals on such travel sites as VacationsToGo.com.

Private Yacht Honeymoon Cruises

Private yacht charters are another type of honeymoon cruise ship that can take newlyweds to places typically inaccessible by large cruise ships. These companies offer the utmost in personalized service, with a crew to take care of passengers every whims and the ability to customize voyages based on local events or the desires of those onboard. Larger yacht companies like SeaDream Yacht Club can accommodate approximately 100 passengers, but smaller yachts can also be chartered for an even more intimate experience. The sky's the limit on these small boats, where a couple can plan their itinerary each day while enjoying gourmet food and other luxuries typically found on traditional cruise lines. Of course, newlyweds will pay for such luxury. A Caribbean cruise on one of SeaDreams yachts runs between $3,000 and $5,000 for a one-week voyage. Chartering a private yacht that includes room enough for the newlyweds and a small crew can cost nearly $10,000.

Riverboats and Steamer Ships

Honeymoon cruises on riverboats and steamer ships take relaxation to a new level, as boats chug along rivers at under 10 miles per hour. Similar to tall ship cruises, these ships exude charm and hearken back to another time, with furnishing and decor from the Victorian era and other historic periods. A weeklong riverboat cruise along a U.S. or European waterway will cost around $1,000 per person.

Many steamboats, such as Majestic Americas Mississippi Queen, are large enough to hold more than 400 passengers and offer amenities similar to those offered on a larger cruise ship. A gaming area and bar, ballroom, exercise area and movie theater are just an example of what these types of honeymoon cruise ships can offer. Of course, all food and entertainment is included, along with unique touches like lectures describing the history of the many sights seen along the way.

Couples looking to combine the pace of a steamer ship honeymoon cruise with international waters should consider European riverboats. These vessels, too, hold a smaller number of passengers (typically between 100 and 300) and offer nightly entertainment and creature comforts, but not at the large scale found on a traditional cruise ship. Common voyages include trips down the Seine in France, the Danube in Austria and the Rhine in Germany. Viking River Cruises, based in California, offers trips perfect for honeymooners along European rivers and canals as well as voyages throughout Russia and China.

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