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Hole In One Awards

The odds of an amateur golfer to get two holes in one in a single game have been calculated at 9,222,500 to one.

Hole in one awards range from a simple handshake to a large cash prize. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Hole in one awards range from a simple handshake to a large cash prize.

Hole in One Awards

Hole in one awards focus on recognizing one of the most exciting events in a golfer's life - scoring a hole in one. For some professional golfers, making an ace might seem inevitable, but many amateur golfers spend their entire lives dreaming of a single hole in one.

How to Achieve a Hole in One and the Odds

According to a January, 1999 article in Golf Digest by Dave Kindred entitled Against All Odds, one insurance company put a Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour pro's chance of making a hole in one at one in 3,756,  and an amateur's chance at one in 12,750. Additionally, it was also reported that the odds of an amateur making two holes in one are 9,222,500 to one.

US Hole In One estimates that the odds of an amateur golfer making a hole in one on a par three hole are roughly 12,500 to one. By contrast, the odds of a professional golfer making a hole in one on a par three hole are closer to 2,500 to one. At a professional event, the chances are even more likely for a pro golfer to score an ace. Most PGA Tour events have about 144 players, who are typically the top professionals in the game. The chances that a hole in one is made in one day at the tournament are roughly one in 4.5. During a four-day event, the chances increase to one in one.

US Hole In One also notes these important statistics:

For two golfers to score a hole in one at the same event - chances are 32,000 to one

A golfer who makes a hole in one at three consecutive holes - chances are 156,250,000 to one

Recognition by the Club

Every golfer hopes to score a hole in one in his or her lifetime, and that is why local golf clubs and national golf organizations stand behind showcasing this outstanding achievement. To celebrate, some golfers buy each other a round of refreshments at the club.

Hole in One Plaques recognizes that many golf clubs around the world have joined in honoring this accomplishment by awarding the golfer who has scored a hole in one with various types of hole in one awards, which may include a plaque, trophy or a similar award.

Club pro shops and clubhouses often display a collection of hole in one awards achieved by their players. They serve as a legacy and recognize the golfers in their club's history that have made a hole in one. Most clubs mount or display the awards in a high traffic location or in a prominent area at the club.

Since making a hole in one is such a rare occurrence, golf courses may budget to spend some money on the recognition of a few hole in one awards each year. Pre-purchased, generic awards can serve for guests and out-of-towners, but local players may be honored with a more personalized trophy or plaque. Local trophy stores can help create more customized hole in one awards. Yearly budgeting can range from as little as 20 dollars for one award to a couple hundred dollars per award.


Reports from US Hole In One indicate that there are 27 million golfers in the United States, but only a small fraction of them ever score a hole in one.

Many golfers save their scorecard and have it framed so that they can hang it in their home or office.

Golfers can also to go to the PGA's Website and register their hole in one. The PGA will then call the golfers local club and verify the information so that it can be listed in the PGA Hole in One Archives at the PGA Historical Center in Port Lucie, Florida. Once registered, the PGA will also send the golfer who scored the hole in one a commemorative certificate. According to Hole in One Plaques, plaques and trophies are among the most popular hole in one awards, but there are other types of gifts as well. Traditionally, plaques are made of a pressed-wood or other types of wooden and metal materials. They are also lacquered and engraved with the name, date, and hole description or number. More elaborate hole in one awards may include other details such as a photo, the course emblem or another personalized graphic that can be mounted or engraved on the plaque. Ideas for awards include:

  • Scorecard plaque
  • Photo plaque
  • Flag plaque
  • Trophy

The PGA provides an online trophy shop. PGA offers a wide range of different hole in one awards and trophies that can be displayed on desks, shelves and walls. They also carry clothing and accessory items. Examples of items they offer include a Poker Chip Hole In One Ball Marker, a Crystal Hole In One Award or a Hole In One Shirt. Their prices range from about 10 dollars to over 200 dollars.

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