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Greece Cruise

Get information on a Greece cruise.

A Greece cruise ranges in cost from between $600 and $6000. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
A Greece cruise ranges in cost from between $600 and $6000.

Greece Cruise

A Greece cruise offers unique sights to explore, plenty of culture to soak in and plenty of ethnic delicacies to try. The waters around Greece are relatively calm, and each island is an adventure unto itself. According to the Greek National Tourism Web site, there are 227 inhabited Greek islands spread over the Aegean and Ionian Sea. As a result, a traditional large cruise line is typically not the best way to explore Greece. In fact, because of the size of these megaships, most cannot pull into the small ports of the Greek islands.

Plenty of options for a Greece cruise remain, however, including private yachts that are ideal for small groups and traditional ships that offer a step back in time to the more adventurous traveler. Each of these Greece cruise options has unique amenities to offer and ranges widely in price from about $600 to $6,000.

Small Cruise Ships

A Greece cruise on a small ship can be as bare-bones or as luxurious as a traveler wants it to be. Most of these vessels carry around 200 passengers, and some, like boats from the Seabourn Cruise Line, offer cabins with private balconies or verandas and a floating platform designed for passengers to enjoy various water sports at a moments notice. On these luxury cruise ships the meals are gourmet, the bar is always open and the environment is sophisticated. According to Frommers, a week-long Greek voyage on one of these small luxury ships can run as high as $5,000.

Small cruise ship companies such as easyCruise take a more casual approach to cruising. These ships pull into port for longer periods of time to allow passengers to enjoy day excursions as well as the islands nightlife. Cabins are simple, and the ship's bar/restaurant becomes a disco at night. The food is traditional Greek fare and is not served at any set time. Budget travelers can opt to eat in port and treat the ship as more of a floating hotel, if they desire. Rates for a six- or seven-night easyCruise run as low as $600.

Private Yachts

Travelers wishing to explore the smaller, lesser-known ports of the Greek islands should consider chartering a private yacht. The capacity for these vessels ranges from as few as 30 passengers to slightly more than 100, and the opportunity for a unique voyage is great.

Travel Dynamics International focuses on offering an educational, high-paced voyage for its passengers (children are encouraged to come along). SeaDream Yacht Club aims to provide a casual, unstructured yet high-end vacation for travelers aboard its yachts. Both companies offer such luxuries as cabins with private balconies, Jet Skis and other water toys and alfresco dining. Rates for such private yachts can be as high as $5,000 or $6,000.

Other private yacht companies that offer Greece cruises give passengers the opportunity to set the pace and atmosphereand even itineraryfor the voyage. Variety Cruises, for example, has what it calls Variety Yachting, which gives travelers a range of options, from sophisticated service focused on relaxation to a more casual experience geared toward fun in the sun. The wide range of service levels means the price for such Greece cruises will vary from approximately $1,000 to more than $2,000 for seven nights.

Traditional Ships

Plenty of tall ship companies have gotten in on the Greece cruise action, offering up their traditional vessels as another unique way to explore the islands. Most of these ships can hold even fewer passengers (less than 100) than a small cruise ship or private yacht, and many have stunning features like gleaming teak decks, bright white sails and decorative touches in private cabins that make them appealing to travelers seeking an out-of-the-ordinary Greece cruise experience.

The Sea Cloud
is one such traditional tall ship offering cruises to the Greek Islands that typically cost around $4,000 for a weeklong voyage. On this ship, travelers will find fireplaces and luxurious beds in the cabins, plus 36 separate sails measuring a total of 32,000 square feet. Star Clippers is another line of traditional tall ships that cruise the Greek islands at a more affordable rate of less than $2,000 for seven nights). These ships offer the pampering and modern touches of other traditional ship cruises as well as the opportunity to climb the mast or help hoist the sails.A Greece cruise offers a wide range of adventure and relaxation possibilities. Find out about the different amenities of Greece cruises and their costs.

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