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Golf Training Aids

Learn about the most effective golf training aids.

Golf training aids can help golfers with swinging, putting, slicing and more. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Golf training aids can help golfers with swinging, putting, slicing and more.

Golf training aids can help golfers improve deficiencies in their performance. Golf training aids promise to correct everything from golfers' putting to their swings, conditioning, slice problems and bending wrists -- just about any performance problem. Some golf training aids, like weighted clubs or clubs with molded grips, are rather simple in concept. Others, such as a device that measures the golfer's heartbeat in an attempt to improve mind control, are more unusual. Some golf training aids are based on ancient mathematical formulas; others use modern computer technology. From impact bags to tempo radar, there are as many golf training aids as there are bad swings.

According to Golf Tips Magazine, golf training aids work best when used regularly and properly. They should be selected to match the golfer's flaws. You might want to consult a golf pro before purchasing a golf training aid. Golf training aids are as personalized as a set of fitted golf clubs -- it's important to get the best fit for the individual golfer.

The plethora of golf training aids on the market is as varied as any other product: Some are tried and true and improve a golfer's performance. Others are a waste of money. How should a person sort through them all? Golf Swing Training Aid recommends that golfers look for aids that have staying power in the market. Research and consultation with an expert can help golfers select the golf training aid most likely to improve the specific deficiencies in their performance.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Many golfers struggle with the mechanics of their swing, and many golf training aids are available to help golfers improve their swing. The following aids help golfers align their swing, improve swing tempo and correct other issues:

  • Tempotimer. The Tempotimer improves swing and tempo. It's a sleeve that wraps around the golf club's shaft.
  • Swing Glove. The Swing Glove stops the wrist from bending during a golf swing.
  • Medicus Golf Club Trainer. A well-known and long-used training aid, the Medicus Golf Club Trainer has a hinge that falls down when the golfer's swing is flawed.
  • Amazing Assist Swing Trainer. This patented training aid has a bent shaft in order to train a golfer in proper swing release. This training aid also helps to stop slicing.
  • Perfect Grip. This training aid slips over a golfer's grip to allow the golfer to feel a professional's grip position.
  • Power Leg Strap. This strap helps the golfer correctly position his or her leg for the swing.
  • Butch Harmon Laser Trainer. This trainer uses red laser beams to help the golfer practice swinging.
  • Swing View Pro 5. This electronic training aid allows golfers to see computerized recreations of swings.
  • Swing Speed Radar. One of the best ways to correct a golfer's swing is through immediate feedback. This training aid provides electronic data, such as the golfer's swing tempo. Golf Magazine tested the Swing Speed Radar and found that it improved the tester's club head speed. The golfer places the device, which uses Doppler radar, 10 inches from the ball before swinging.
  • Golfer's Footprint Swing Trainer. This training aid is a plastic mat with arrows that allows golfers to improve their swing alignment.
  • Momentus Power Hitter Swing Trainer. This trainer is weighted. It is designed to give the golfer a sense of how to balance a club while using a proper swing.

Golf Putting Training Aids

Putting is a skill of precision, and putting training aids are designed to correct a golfer's alignment and develop specific strokes. Golf Digest explains that many pros turn to lower-tech approaches, using yardsticks and knitting needles as putting training aids. By putting the knitting needle in the yardstick's end hole, golfers can measure their putts. Some pros also use rulers to improve their putting alignment.

For those athletes looking for something more sophisticated, many golf putting training aids are on the market:

  • Stimp Dimple. This putting training aid slides onto the putter and helps build tempo.
  • Rockroller. The Rockroller slips onto the putter grip. It is a metal device that helps position the golfer's body properly for the putt.
  • Spot Liner. This device helps golfers line up their putts. A plastic piece with a marked line fits on top of the ball.
  • Putting Connection. This device fits between the arms and helps the golfer position his or her arms in a proper triangle position.
  • Zen Oracle Tour Putter Trainer. The trainer is part of the putter's design, and it helps the golfer align his or her putts.
  • The Align Drive. The Align Drive is a shaft that helps correct a golfer's alignment with the hole.
  • The Putting Arc. Based on ancient mathematical formulas, the Putting Arc trains golfers to use the pendulum inclined plane stroke. More than 650 touring pros have used the device.

Golf Slice Training Aids

Some golfers have a specific swing problem -- they tend to slice the ball. Many golf training aids are designed to address this issue:

  • Impact Bag. This bag is used to stop a slice. The golfer's club is stopped by the bag, allowing the golfer to straighten out his or her swing, while also improving wrist strength. According to the National Golf Foundation, the Impact Bag is one of the most popular golf training aids because it brings the golfer face-to-face with the moment of truth in golf -- the moment of impact with the ball.
  • Inside Approach Swing Trainer. This training aid places the ball on a cushion. A slicing swing will strike the cushion.
  • Swing Jacket Trainer. This is a jacket that the golfer wears to improve swinging.
  • Kallassy Swing Trainer. A popular trainer, this device has a molded grip to improve the precision of the swing.

Strength and Conditioning Training Aids

Some training aids work on the body as a whole before developing a specialized skill:

  • Arm Super Wrist Roller. This training aid builds strength in the golfer's wrists and other upper body parts used when golfing.
  • GolfGym Power Swing Trainer. This trainer uses power cords and DVD exercises to build conditioning and thus better power swings, control and accuracy.
  • Power Swing Fan. This training aid uses air resistance to improve strength in the hands and wrists, which leads to better control.


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