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Golf Instruction

Golf instruction can include individual instruction as well as group classes.

With one-on-one lessons the golfer tends to progress more quickly with individualized attention. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
With one-on-one lessons the golfer tends to progress more quickly with individualized attention.

Golf Instruction

Golf is a game for every type of person, young or old, male or female, but locating the best golf instruction information can be challenging. Both amateur and advanced golfers may want to consider golf instruction to improve their game, whether from classes or clubs, one-on-one instruction or local schools. Each type of golf instruction has its own benefits and disadvantages, and it is up to the golfer to determine which type is best for him or her. The amount of time the golfer wants to dedicate to the sport can help narrow the search for an instructor. Purchasing numerous golf lessons can be costly, so it is best for beginning golfers to do research before investing money in the sport.

Golf Instruction Clubs or Classes

Most types of golf courses, from public courses to resorts, hire golf professionals that can help teach aspiring golfers. Instructors can devote an hour of their time to help golfers improve their games and provide helpful suggestions about exercise tips. The golf student is often able to choose between a private or group lesson. It is more beneficial to the beginning student to choose an individual lesson, since this can provide the student with undivided attention.

Those students that are considering using a club professional for instruction should contact the club house manager to see if the instructor is PGA (Professional Golf Association) or LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) certified. If the instructor is certified, the rates increase, but that also means that the student golfer is receiving the best available instruction. Golf classes are also offered through parks and recreational facilities, but there is a chance that the instructors are not PGA or LPGA certified.

One-on-One Golf Instruction

Certain golf schools can provide a student one-on-one golf instruction. These private lessons can give the novice golfer more personal attention, with the entire focus on the golfer. Lessons usually or classes last one hour, with the option to schedule several classes per week. Occasionally, the student can play on the course, with the instructor paying attention to the student's swing and ability to play the game. Receiving that instruction instantaneously can help the student learn more quickly since he or she is learning on the spot.

The biggest benefit of one-on-one lessons is that the golfer tends to progress more quickly with individualized attention because it's easier to retain the information. Without sharing the time with another golfer, both the teacher and the student can concentrate on what changes the golfer needs to make. Also, with a private lesson, the student can learn at his or her own pace. Some people may take longer to learn how to putt or chip the ball, while others may excel at those things.

Golf Schools

Private or public golf schools can provide ample opportunity for an aspiring golf professional. Many schools offer students one-on-one instruction, but they also provide a chance for golfers to interact with others at the same level. According to Golf School Info, there are more than 2,500 golf schools available across the country. Prospective students need to consider the amount of time they want to dedicate to the school and the sport. If they only have one or two days to devote, then it's a good idea to locate a school with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio, such as 4:1 or less .

Some golf schools require their students to spend numerous hours on the golf course, while other schools focus more on instructional theory in the classroom before working their way up to seeing action on the links. Beginning students will benefit from ones that concentrate on instructions inside the classroom, while those with more experience might enjoy more course play dealing with more mental aspects of the game, such as course strategy and surveying the greens.

Golf schools are often more expensive than individual lessons through a golf course. According to Golf.com, the top ranked golf school in the United States has a three-day program that runs almost $1,200. The Wright Balance Golf Academy in Mission Viejo, California, is the cheapest option of the top four schools listed by the Web site. The most expensive school, Vision 54 located in Phoenix, Arizona, costs $2,495 for three days.

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