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Gift With Company Logo

A promotional gift with a company logo is a common method of creating brand awareness.

Useful gifts with a company logo, like pens and calendars, are a solid way to spread the company message. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Useful gifts with a company logo, like pens and calendars, are a solid way to spread the company message.

Gift with Company Logo

Providing current and prospective customers with a gift with the company logo has long been considered useful in promoting a company or specific product. Keeping one's company or service name in the forefront of a potential customers mind can help generate business and is easily achieved by distributing the right gifts with a company logo. There are also several other ways promotional products may help a business.

Promotional products are printed with a company's logo and then distributed to targeted people, usually at events such as conferences and trade shows. However, their use goes beyond trade show distribution. For example, they are also used as business gifts and as giveaways to employees.

Types of Products Available

According to the Promotional Products Association International, promotional products are an $18.1 billion industry, meaning the choice in products is plentiful. The association names some common products such as clothing, pens, calendars, dishes, memory sticks, calculators and office supplies. With such a variety available, it would be likely that buyers would be overwhelmed by the choice. However, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing a promotional product.

Gifts with company logos need to be usable enough for a potential customer to bother to pick up, keep and then possibly have to pack and fly home (in the case of conventions and trade shows). However, a useful choice may not be enough. For example, a pen is useful but a customer may not find it worth the effort. Therefore, a promotional gift should also be pleasing to the client. If the gift is unique and works itself into the daily life of the customer, then it is that much more likely to carry a company's message forward.

Lastly, a chosen product should represent a brand well. The product should fit in with the brand's image and values. For example, a men's razor company shouldn't give out a flower vase.

Targeted Events and Distribution

It is so common for trade show exhibitors to pass out free giveaways that attendees likely expect it. However, from the company's standpoint, there are some things that can be done to make sure the attendees picking up the product are indeed good sales leads.

First, buyers should target the right trade shows. For instance, sometimes a smaller trade show will allow for more one-on-one conversations with prospective clients and provide a higher level of visibility for the exhibitor.

However, there are even more uses for promotional products. For example, they can be used as holiday gifts for established clients or even for a company's own employees. Companies can consider giving away products at their next inside event or get-together or donating products to charities that run silent auctions and giveaways.

Logo Companies

An Internet Web search will reveal there are a multitude of logo companies available. Companies have quite a variation in pricing and product choice, so it may take a little trial and error to find the right vendor.

For those who do not want to crawl through multiple Internet listings, the Promotional Products Association International keeps a list of promotional consultants who can aid a company in getting the best return on investment. In addition, many states also have their own promotional product association. One example is the Michigan Promotional Product Association. Another alternative is to simply seek the counsel of a local big box office supply store, such as Staples, which has a promotional products department.

Other Logo Concerns

Users may wonder if company logo products work and what the best ways are to use them to meet their marketing needs. Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations says that products can boost sales because a promotional product gives ones company or business a permanent place within the targeted customer's life. In addition, gifts with a company logo are a cheaper form of advertising than print and other media. Lastly, they note that visible products, such as tote bags, spread a company's advertising to other potential customers.

OmniSource Marketing tends to agree with this concept, citing a series of studies in which higher value promotional products resulted in increased booth visits at a Baltimore, Maryland trade show.

In fact, Promotional Products Business Magazine cites a study in which 75 percent of visitors of a trade show booth with a promotional product giveaway left with a positive image of that booth.

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