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Fantasy Football Mock Draft

The fantasy football mock draft is a crucial component to success in a fantasy league.

Most fantasy football league winners take home a cash prize. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Most fantasy football league winners take home a cash prize.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Whether played for bragging rights or for a chance to win some extra cash, a fantasy football mock draft can be a way for people to play the part of general manager of a football team. According to HowStuffWorks, there are around 30 million online players, including 6.5 million women, who participate in online fantasy football. Whether the players are male or female, knowing the best tips when compiling a winning fantasy football team can give the average person with little or no football knowledge the upper hand. With the single most important date in fantasy football being draft day, its best for all participants to come prepared to pick their players.

Organizing a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Before the draft day, the organizer, along with participants, should decide upon the type of football league that will be played, as there are three main types. The most common type is called a single-year league, in which the players drafted are for that football season. Once the season is complete, if the participants wish to play fantasy football again, they would go through another draft process.

The other two fantasy football league classes require a longer commitment from members as the league spans more than one season. The keeper league has a certain percentage of players that are kept from a team for the following year. The remaining unprotected players enter the free-agent pool along with incoming rookies to be drafted. The last league is a dynasty league where the entire team is passed down, requiring team owners to release players to make room for incoming rookies or other free agents.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Order

After the type of league has been decided, the league participants gather to determine draft order. If possible, all members should try to gather in the same location to make selections easier and more time-efficient. Depending upon the number of team owners, the organizer writes down those numbers on separate pieces of paper. If there are eight owners, then numbers one through eight are written and then drawn out of a hat by each owner.

Just as there are different league types, there are several draft order decisions to make. The most common is the ladder order, where the person with number one makes the first pick, the owner with number two makes the second pick, etc. This continues until the end of the first round when everyone makes a pick. For the second round, the order is reversed where the last person makes the first pick; in essence picking twice in a row. This continues until all the players have been selected.

Another draft order type is called the straight, which is the same one the NFL uses on its draft day. Basically each owner has the same draft order no matter what round. Number one chooses the first pick in each round. The third type is the auction, which is a derivative of the fantasy baseball league. It's not really a draft as it is based on a salary cap where each player is assessed a certain monetary amount.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft Point System

After the players have been selected, the league members select a commissioner, who oversees the league. The commissioner has the final say when authorizing trades, so it is important that the person chosen be fair and selected by the other members. The commissioner inputs the teams into an online site and sets up the trade rules and restrictions. It is up to the individual owners to determine, on a weekly basis, which players should start, and this must be decided upon before the first game starts. Most fantasy football players participate in leagues set up on popular Web sites such as Yahoo!, CBS, ESPN and Fox. These sites are user-friendly, have free or sometimes paid options and figure out all the points and standings for the league. All participants need to do is register with the site, keep tabs on their team and the rest is done for them.

According to KFFL, which is a fantasy football information hotspot, rules vary from league to league, but the most common starting lineup consists of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one place kicker and one defensive/special teams.

Point systems vary by league, as some only reward scoring points while others give pro-rated points based on yardage. For beginning players, its best to use a simple scoring system where:

  • Four points for touchdowns
  • Six points for all other offensive touchdowns
  • Three points for field goals
  • One point for converted extra points
  • Six points for each defensive scores

Again, these points can be assigned through online programs so the players arent required to keep track of statistics. Another consideration is if the league has head-to-head competitions where weekly point contests are held. This scoring format is popular since it closely resembles the NFL season, and it also allows for a playoff format.

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