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Equestrian Gifts

Learn about popular equestrian gifts for the horse lovers in your life.

Good equestrian gifts include riding gear, such as dress boots. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Good equestrian gifts include riding gear, such as dress boots.

When buying gifts for a horse lover, it's logical to consider purchasing equestrian gifts. Equestrian gifts fall into two broad categories: fun gifts and useful gifts. A fun equestrian gift is something the horse lover will enjoy, while a useful equestrian gift is a more practical gift.

Fun Equestrian Gifts

The sky is the limit when it comes to fun equestrian gifts. Shoppers can buy just about anything in the shape of a horse or with a horse on it. Equestrian jewelry -- earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches -- is a popular and fun equestrian gift. netEquestrian and the Horse Lover's Gift Guide sell everything from equestrian bed and bath decor to equestrian car mats to equestrian lamps and mirrors. For the custom touch, shoppers can personalize jewelry with a small inscription or include a monogram on clothing. If the horse lover rides horses and owns a horse, a shopper can customize a gift such a frame with a picture of that horse. Similarly, shoppers can also order horse calendars picturing a special horse. For seasonal gifts, horse-shaped Christmas tree ornaments and other related holiday decorations are sure to please.

For young riders, a horse doll or lunch box might be the right choice. Puzzles, rocking horses and stuffed animals are also solid ideas. Shoppers can also purchase blankets, cups, and horse-related movies for children.

Useful Equestrian Gifts

Those who enjoy horseback riding or who are learning to ride may appreciate a useful equestrian gift. What would a horse enthusiast enjoy the most? More time riding a horse! A book or guide about horseback riding or caring for a horse can provide the recipient with invaluable insight into horses. Amazon.com offers more than 400,000 books about horses.

Many horse lovers appreciate equestrian gifts from which they can gain experience with horses. Riding or instructional lessons are appealing, especially for younger riders. Sponsoring a competitive rider in his or her next contest can be an invaluable gift. A horse vacation might be ideal for a more mature rider. Many local travel agents and Web sites offer deals on horse immersion vacations that include everything from riding sessions to wildlife tours. If a vacation is out of financial reach, many areas offer trail rides that can feel like a weekend vacation.

For horse lovers interested in learning the art of classical riding, consider purchasing a gift certificate for dressage training lessons. A less expensive alternative is to purchase a book or video on dressage training. Dressage equipment, such as an English saddle or braiding equipment for a horse's mane, also makes a great equestrian gift. Consider purchasing dressage clothing for the rider such as gloves, a shirt, a jacket, boots or an approved riding hat.

Riding gear is also a great equestrian gift. A new saddle can help a rider advance -- especially if his or her previous saddle isn't of the best quality. Bridles, girths, stirrup irons or stirrup leathers are also great gifts for saddle maintenance. A saddle pad can make the rider more comfortable when riding. In colder climates, a horse blanket can be a helpful gift for both enthusiasts and horses alike. In warmer climates, a fly mask or a fly sheet can be a great asset. Other stable gifts such as a saddle-cleaning stand or a stall guard can make great practical treats.

And don't forget the horse when shopping! Grooming supplies such as clippers, fly repellent, brushes, shampoos and other sprays make great stocking-stuffers. For more advanced equestrian gifts, horse supplements such as dewormers, complete nutrients, joint care, weight care and various pastes can help a horse lover take the best possible care of a beloved horse.

Sponsor a Horse

Sponsoring a horse in a horse-lover's name is a touching gift, as well as a great way to help a rescued or neglected horse. Horse sponsors pay a fee to contribute to a horse's care. At Sponsor a Horse, sponsors pay $50 for 3 months for a one-time donation or $19.95 a month for a Rescue Angel Membership. Through the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, a gift-giver can sponsor a retired racehorse in a friend's name. For a donation of $250-$499, the recipient of the gift receives a photo of the horse sponsored and the horse's race record.

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