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Discount Video Games

Discount video games are bought, sold and traded every day.

For enthusiasts, finding discount video games is worth the effort. [© Jupter Images, 2009]
© Jupter Images, 2009
For enthusiasts, finding discount video games is worth the effort.

A single new video game purchased at retail price can cost as much as multiple discount video games. Video game players can find savings on titles in several ways. In most cases, purchasing used video games results in significant savings. Besides used games, consumers can get discounted video games by joining a game exchange, shopping from discount game suppliers, and purchasing games at flea markets or garage sales. Renting video games is another way consumers can play their favorite titles inexpensively. Read on for more ways to save money by finding discount video games.

Purchase Discount Video Games

Some video game owners resell their games when they are done playing them. Previous owners can either sell the video game directly to a buyer or sell them to a video game retailer. The retailer either gives the seller cash or credit towards a future video game purchase. The seller can use the credit to get discounts on both new and used games sold at the store.

As result of taking in the used games, most video game retailers carry a selection of used video games with discounted pricing. Buyers can browse the titles and choose a used version to purchase at the reduced price. Besides used video games, many retailers also offer membership programs for frequent buyers. After signing up for the program, the buyer receives a percentage off of their new or used game purchases.

In addition to video game stores, shoppers can purchase used video games through online auction sites, classified ads, yard sales and flea markets. However, without the protection of a return policy, buyers run the risk of receiving a damaged game that does not work and cannot be returned.

Discount video games can also be purchased from online and local discount retailers. The games are usually new but are older versions of popular games or discontinued titles.

Swapping Video Games

Video game players can also get discounts by swapping titles. Players can join gaming forums online and arrange swaps with other players. The only cost for a game swap is the postage required to mail out the title. Forums may also have a "for sale" section where players advertise games they want to sell. The downside of game swaps and buying through forums is that these sites use a trust-based system. The site owners usually have a disclaimer that relieves them from responsibility if a seller does not send the video game or the game arrives in poor condition.

In addition to gaming forums, consumers can join game exchange Web sites where users post their video game libraries. Exchange participants earn credits each time they send a game to another member. In turn, the credits are used to pick out games of their own.

Renting Video Games

Many gamers only use a game for a short period of time. For example, players may want to try out the game before purchasing or may only play it until they have reached the final level of the game. Renting video games allows consumers to play games at a fraction of the cost of buying.

Consumers can choose between local and online video game rental companies. Local retailers may rent the titles for a set fee and time period. The consumer returns the game at the end of the rental period or faces late charges.

Many online video retailers offer monthly subscription plans. Users pay a monthly fee and keep the game as long as they want. Once they return the game, a new title is mailed to them. According to Consumer Reports, consumers can save money on their entertainment costs by signing up with a DVD and game rental agency. Rates differ depending on the number of games the consumer wants to rent at a time. This type of video game rental works well for gamers who play a lot of games.

More Ways to Get Discount Video Games

Downloading a version of a video game directly onto a computer can also save consumers money. In addition, gaming systems with an Internet connection allow players to download titles directly onto the console. According to What They Play, the choices in downloadable games includes both classic and new titles. Downloadable titles typically cost less since they do not require any packaging.

Gamers willing to wait a few weeks following a title's release may find that the price comes down. After the initial launch, a company will typically drop the price. Also, used copies of the game will start showing up on video game retailers' shelves after the first buyers have tired of the game and decide to resell or trade for credit.

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