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Digital Photo Album

A digital photo album stores and organizes your digital photography.

Digital Photo Album

There are many advantages to taking digital pictures, but the number of images can quickly become overwhelming and require a digital photo album. A digital photo album stores and organizes digital photos on a computer or a portable device. There are many portable devices that store digital photos, such as iPods and digital photo key chains, but a few products are marketed as a digital photo album. Digital photo albums can be created on a computer using a software program or using a web-based solution.

External Digital Photo Albums

Sony makes an 80 gigabyte (GB) external device for organizing and viewing up to 50,000 photos on a HDTV (high-definition TV). Photos can be transferred from digital storage media or a PC. It has an intuitive interface and remote control for creating albums and scrapbooks as well as searching for stored images. Photos can also be viewed as slideshows with music. It has a built-in CD/DVD burner for sharing and backup, and can hook up to photo printers.

Portable digital photo albums are another type of external device. The My Life Digital Photo Album is a 3.5-inch LCD screen and sells for approximately $80. It organizes up to 4,000 photos into folders. This device connects to a Windows PC or Mac, but not a TV.

Photoco 7XL 7-Inch Digital Photo Album and Frame costs around $80 and has a larger 7-inch screen. It allows photos to be viewed as thumbnails or a slideshow. It supports SD and memory sticks formats, and connects to a PC, Mac or TV.

Digital Photo Album Software

Anyone with a recent computer (Windows XP, Mac OS X or later) should automatically have a digital photo album installed. Apple includes iPhoto free with all of its computers. Microsoft discontinued its digital photo software line, but includes digital image tools on its operating systems. PowerPoint is often used as a photo album, which comes standard in the Microsoft Office software package.

There are many photo album programs that can be downloaded to a Windows or Mac PC. These programs allow a user to organize digital photos into customized albums and create slideshows. They have templates that allow a user to quickly create an album with a theme. Some programs have red-eye correction, cropping, and other photo editing tools. SWiSH Pix allows users to create animated Flash photo albums with themes, music and clipart. Completed albums can be uploaded to a website, burned to a CD and other sharing options. Most offer a free trial and then cost $50 or less. CNET features many photo album programs that can be downloaded for free on a trial basis. Some of the more frequently downloaded programs include:

  • Photozig
  • SWiSH Pix
  • Web Album Creator
  • Mac FlipAlbum
  • Photo2 Album


Online Digital Photo Albums

For digital camera users who do not want to tie up their hard drive space with digital photos or are worried about the hard drive crashing and losing everything, there are websites that offer online digital photo albums. These photos can easily be shared with other people through e-mail. Many of these sites feature photo cropping and other editing capabilities. Some websites allow free uploads and storage, while others charge a fee. Flickr has a monthly 100MB upload limit for a free account. Snapfish allows users to upload and store digital photos for free. Kodak Gallery allows free digital photo storage with a single purchase a year.

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