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Diecast Trucks

Start your own collection of diecast trucks.

Collecting diecast trucks has been a popular hobby for generations. [© Jupiter Images, 2010]
© Jupiter Images, 2010
Collecting diecast trucks has been a popular hobby for generations.

Collecting diecast trucks is a pastime that is almost as American as baseball. Many enthusiasts will be able to identify diecast collectors models on sight. This hobby is right in line with America's love of vehicles, and it makes sense that collecting diecast trucks has been a popular hobby for 100 years.

What are diecast trucks?

Diecast trucks are scale models of trucks. They are miniature models that are made of metals, or more recently, of plastic, and come in a variety of scales. Today's Matchbox cars and trucks are a good example of diecast models that people are familiar with and tend to see at toy stores. They are popular because they are inexpensive and easy for children to carry and collect.

Diecast cars and trucks are made using the die-casting method. They are most often made of a metal called zamak, which is an alloy containing aluminum and zinc. This allows the models to be strong enough to withstand abuse, while still being affordable to produce.

While these trucks are fun for children, they are also a serious collector's item, and truck enthusiasts love the variety of diecast trucks that are out there for them to choose from. A collector can get everything from a garbage truck to an Escalade and anything in between. For the lover of vintage trucks, a wide variety and many size scales are offered. Motormint provides a list of some available manufacturers and models.

When were diecast trucks first produced?

While the first diecast models were made in the early 20th century, diecast trucks did not become popular in the world of models until the late 1940s, when companies like Matchbox came out with their small diecast models that kids bought to play with and collect. In the 1950s, diecast trucks grew in popularity and, as the popularity of trucks has continued to increase, so has the demand for diecast collectors models. They are particularly interesting because the models define all the possible features that a real vehicle can have, according to the California Chronicle.

Diecast Trucks as Collectibles

While there are many different factors that determine how much a collectible diecast truck might be worth, there are a few things that will help any collector to get the most out of their collection. Collectors should decide how they want to collect. For instance, does the collector want to collect trucks that are all from the same manufacturer? There are only about seven different diecast truck model manufacturers out there, but a collector might find that they appreciate the details that one manufacturer adds to the models more than others.

The collector should also determine what types of models they want to collect. There are antique, or vintage, trucks, semi-trucks and the more current models of trucks that many collectors are fond of.

One other thing that many collectors like to consider is the scale of the diecast trucks that they will be collecting. Like other types of diecast models, diecast trucks come in different sizes. The smaller sizes will have less detail, so collectors should consider this when choosing what scale of the model to collect.

Diecast Trucks: the Most Collectible Items

The average collector will find that when choosing to collect diecast trucks, it comes down to the trucks they enjoy the most. However, collectors usually come to a point where they decide that they will need to consider the costs of their collections and what kind of return they might eventually get on their investment. The most valuable diecast trucks are the vintage trucks. While these usually cost the most, they also will most often have a higher return due to the detail associated with them.

Another factor to consider when choosing what kind of diecast truck to collect is whether to get them made out of metal or plastic; plastic will often not retain its value the way that metal will.

Serious collectors can find individualized information on costs and values through auction sites like eBay or enthusiast magazines and sites like Collectors Club of Great Britain.

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