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Destination Wedding Dresses

Destination wedding dresses are often less formal.

A wedding coordinator they can assist in finding the perfect dress. [©Jupiter Images, 2010]
©Jupiter Images, 2010
A wedding coordinator they can assist in finding the perfect dress.

Destination Wedding Dresses

Purchasing wedding dresses for destination weddings requires consideration of different aspects than when having a traditional wedding held in the bride's hometown. Destination weddings allow for dresses to be comfortable in a favorable climate, and most dresses tend to run on the less formal side than traditional ones. With localized costs increasing yearly, according to the Association for Wedding Professionals International, more couples are opting for destination weddings, with the popular locations of the Caribbean and Mexico leading the way.

Purchasing Recommendations

According to The Knot, the first order of business for a bride is to determine the wedding's location. This can set the tone for the type of dress to purchase. For instance, if the wedding occurs on the sandy beaches in the Caribbean, then the dress should have a casual feel, preferably something with a short train or no train at all. The bride does not want sand to get stuck in her dress. Along those lines, if a bride secures her wedding at a lodge in the country, then wearing a Victorian-style gown does not match the setting.

Knowing the location can lend itself helpful in determining other aspects of a destination wedding dress. Again, if the wedding takes place on the beach, the bride should choose an airy, silky material that can easily breathe. If the wedding takes place in a colder climate, then she should purchase heavier material adorned with a wrap.

Finding Destination Wedding Dresses

With the advances in technology, a bride no longer has to go into random wedding dress shops hoping to find the dress of her dreams. She can check out her favorite dress designers online and peruse casual destination wedding dresses that way. Even if a bride does not find the perfect dress, odds are she will find styles or designs that appeal to her. She can then print out photos of those dresses and take them to a physical store.

Purchasing at a physical store location is still an option, even if the bride opts for a destination wedding. For a beach wedding, brides can check out discount fashion stores for tea-length wedding dresses. If the bride is having an evening wedding that is a little more elegant, then she can check out the evening wear section of a local department store. There are numerous options in the evening wear department if the bride wants to wear a more nontraditional dress in a color other than ivory or white.

If the bride is working with a wedding coordinator, which is common when planning destination weddings, the coordinator can assist with locating the perfect dress. These coordinators also know what styles work best with the wedding location and can recommend shops for the bride to investigate. They might even be able to work out a deal with the shops, which can come in handy to a bride who is looking to save money.

Another option brides can consider is renting their wedding dress. This can be cost-effective and does not require the bride to deal with transporting her dress to the wedding's location. Although it can be a money-saver, renting the dress requires the bride to wear a previously worn dress; this might be an issue with certain brides. The bride also, obviously, cannot keep the gown and preserve it for years to come. If this does not deter the bride, she should scope out rentals near to the destination wedding site by searching a phone book, receiving recommendations from friends or asking professionals associated with the location of the destination wedding.

Tips When Traveling by Air

If the bride purchases her wedding dress at home and plans to take it with her on an airplane to the destination wedding, then she should notify the airline as soon as possible that she plans to bring the gown on the airplane as a carry-on. Some airlines may insist that the bride check her gown with the rest of her luggage, but it never hurts to call and ask for verification.

The bride may have to pay a fee associated with bringing her wedding gown onboard, but it beats the alternative of the airline potentially losing the wedding gown with the luggage. Once the bride-to-be boards the plane, she should ask the flight attendant to place the gown in the closet with the first-class passengers, even if she is sitting in coach. This can ensure the gown does not get wrinkled or stained elsewhere inside the airplane.

Budget airlines or smaller single-engine planes do not have business class sections of the plane, nor do they have closets to hang any clothing. Space may be limited within the entire plane, so the bride should be cautious when packing her precious wedding dress.

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You are here:  Lifestyle » Clothing and Apparel » Clothing
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