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Deer Hunting Videos

Learn how deer hunting videos can improve your hunting skills.

An example of a beautiful five-point buck. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
An example of a beautiful five-point buck.

Deer hunters hoping to perfect the hunt or just experience the thrill of it on video can watch a number of realistic deer hunting videos. Deer hunting videos can help hunters learn techniques from pros, whether it's how to call a deer or how to build a tree stand. In some cases, the deer hunting videos show average hunters making a big kill. Other deer hunting videos try to interest viewers by capturing the chase of a particularly big animal. Some hunters use deer hunting videos in the hopes of spotting that one technique that can make a difference in the hunt; others watch them purely for fun; and yet others watch them as novices hoping to learn the basics. Professional hunting DVDs are for sale over the Internet and at popular outdoors stores.

Amateur Deer Hunting Videos

Amateur videos are beginning to appear on the Internet, as hunters star in their own mini-reality television shows on YouTube and on other Web sites. Amateur videos are very popular, and appear on numerous hunting magazine and aficionado Web sites. These deer hunting videos are more likely to entertain than instruct, however. The ForemostHunting.com Web site has a list of some favorites. DeerBeards.com lists videos on YouTube of amateur deer hunters. Hunters can upload their own videos on Deer101.

Professional Deer Hunting Videos

According to DeerHuntingVideos.com, some of the top-rated professionally produced deer hunting videos combine entertainment and education. They include:

  • Beyond The Kill. This video is designed to show the entire hunting process, not just the kill. It reconstructs the hunt from setting up the stand to scouting. White Knuckle Productions touts the video as showcasing the highs and the lows of deer hunting.
  • Drury Outdoors 100% Wild Fair Chase. This video focuses on the hunt for large deer. The team makes 17 kills. This video garnered positive customers reviews, according to Cabela's.
  • Mastering the Art Guide to Calling Deer. This video teaches beginners to veteran hunters how to call deer.
  • PrimeTime Bucks 9. The team of hunters chases monster bucks and kills 26 of them. Bowhunter Magazine praises the PrimeTime Bucks series, which contains earlier versions.
  • Real Time Iowa Classics. This video attempts to take the focus off the professionals and instead features real Iowa hunters.
  • The Grind. This video captures the experiences of bowhunters. According to Bowhunting.com, the Grind is unique because its hunters do not hunt on large swaths of private land or with outfitters but instead take part in regular hunts.
  • The Truth 11. This video tries to capture the adrenaline of the hunt.
  • Whitetail Addictions. Another video that attempts to capture the hunts of real-life hunters without recognizable names. "Whitetail Addictions" is also a television show that has garnered a buzz in Internet forums and chatrooms.

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