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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom jigsaw puzzles are easy to have made -- and make a great gift.

A custom jigsaw puzzles lets you decided the design. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
A custom jigsaw puzzles lets you decided the design.

Custom jigsaw puzzles are entertaining for puzzle enthusiasts and make a great gift that will be cherished for years. According to the American Jigsaw Puzzle Society, assembling jigsaw puzzles has been a popular family activity since the early 1800s.

Designing a Puzzle

Designing a custom puzzle often starts with choosing a special picture. A family picture, picture of pets, or a nature setting are among the more popular choices. The basic picture puzzle begins at around $15 and can have just a few pieces or a puzzle with hundreds of pieces can be made, costing a few hundred dollars.

Some create people have created a custom jigsaw puzzle out of a marriage proposal. Puzzles can be created to commemorate special events, such as reunions, weddings and birthday parties. They could be given as gifts to members of the wedding party, as birthday party favors, or used as birth announcements. A school teacher might enjoy a custom jigsaw puzzle with a picture her class on it, while grandparents might have a puzzle of their grandchildren.

Puzzle Materials

Puzzles are often made out of cardboard, but can also have wood, foam or magnetic pieces. They can be made with a small amount of large pieces, which is easy for children, or they can be made with many small, uniquely-shaped pieces that will challenge even the most skilled puzzle enthusiast.

Once the picture has been chosen, a professional shop can create the puzzle. There are a number of online stores like Jigsaw2Order, MGC or Icon Puzzles are just a few. Placing an order involves first choosing the puzzle size and the number of pieces it will contain. Puzzles generally range from an easier 30-piece format to the more difficult puzzles with pieces numbering in the thousands. The customer then uploads the picture image for the puzzle. The online shops usually have a selection of images that can be used, if the customer doesn't have a picture in mind. The shop takes the uploaded image, designs and cuts out the puzzle with the picture and ships it to the customer.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Difficulty

Jigsaw puzzles have a tremendous range of difficulty levels and so can be customized for the user. According to MCGPuzzles.com, young children need puzzles that have large pieces with large pictures and are easy to manipulate. The same can apply to senior citizens who may have failing vision or arthritic fingers. Puzzles that are a solid color are more difficult to solve.

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