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Custom Greeting Cards

Discover the wide variety of custom greeting cards available.

Many websites allow individuals to create custom greeting cards featuring personal photos, text and more. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Many websites allow individuals to create custom greeting cards featuring personal photos, text and more.

It's easier than ever to design or purchase custom greeting cards. Many websites allow individuals to create their own custom greeting cards complete with their own personal touches.

Custom greeting cards are more than just printable cards or e-cards. Some companies employ artists who design handmade and even hand-painted cards according to a customer's instructions. Others let customers illustrate their own cards. Custom greeting cards can be ordered on card or glossy stock, making them indistinguishable in quality from store-bought cards, and much more personal. Some companies will even mail the cards for those who have created them.

Types of Custom Greeting Cards

Greeting cards usually consist of an image, text, a front cover and an inside page. According to the Greeting Card Association, the ancient Chinese and Egyptians created the first greeting cards. The greeting card industry in America dates back to 1856 and is huge today. Americans sent 7 billion greeting cards in 2008, with women buying 80 percent of them. Ironically, however, modern technology has brought back the concept of a personal greeting rather than a uniform one.

According to the Greeting Card Association, some custom greeting cards involve more than paper. Custom greeting cards include intricate origami-style cards, elaborate pop-ups, paper sculpture cards and textured papers. Those interested in custom greeting cards also have these options:

  • Turn a child's drawing into a card. FedEx Office allows people to transform their children's artwork into custom greeting cards, as does Colors by Design
  • Create personal text and photos. For those who can never seem to find that perfect card, other websites allow customers to customize a card with a personal photo and text. Examples of this kind of site include HP Creative Studio, Cardstore.com, and MSN. SendOutCards will even create, stuff and mail custom greeting cards.
  • Design on the Web and print via computer printer. Custom printable cards of all varieties are also available on the Internet. DLTK is one such website, and its directions are easy enough for children to follow.
  • Design using common computer programs. Online sites such as Choice walk customers through the process of designing their own custom greeting cards using common computer programs such as Microsoft Word. Specialized computer programs, such as Photo Story, can also be used to create custom greeting cards.
  • Customize e-cards. Those who would like to send a custom e-card should consult websites such as Alchemy Mindworks
  • Just alter the text. Some websites offer standard, already designed greeting cards that customers can purchase and then alter by adding their own text. Templates are available online. PaperDirect is one such website.

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