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Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Learn about the many uses of custom candy bar wrappers.

Chocolate is well-loved by many, and custom candy bar wrappers have become a popular way of promoting a cause. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Chocolate is well-loved by many, and custom candy bar wrappers have become a popular way of promoting a cause.

Many people love chocolate and other candy bars, and custom candy bar wrappers have become a popular way of promoting a cause, earning money for everything from high school marching bands to church senior groups. Custom candy bar wrappers are personalized wrappers that are printed and wrapped around different types of candy bars. According to Fundsnet Online Services, candy bar fundraisers can earn up to a 60 percent profit. Custom candy bar wrappers are also used to promote a corporation or organization, or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birth or a wedding. Custom candy bar wrappers can be personalized with photographs, business logos, special sayings and unique designs.

Uses of Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Custom candy bar wrappers come in many forms. New parents may opt to use custom candy bar wrappers to announce the birth of a child by customizing them with the baby's photo, name, birth date, height and weight. Couples may use custom candy bar wrappers as wedding favors for their guests, with the couple's photo and/or name and wedding date on the wrapper. Since the design options are endless, couples can create unique favors that reflect their relationship and wedding theme.

In addition to weddings and birth announcements, custom candy bar wrappers can be used as favors for baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations, retirement parties, graduations and religious occasions. Whatever the gathering or celebration, customized wrappers for candy bars are a great gift for guests.

Custom candy bar wrappers are also a great way for businesses and corporations to promote themselves and their products or services. Since the wrappers are personalized, they can include a businesss logo, address, contact information and more. They are a unique and memorable way to advertise to prospective clients.

Custom Candy Bar Wrappers Used for Fundraising

One of the most popular uses for custom candy bar wrappers is for fundraising. Using custom candy bar wrappers for fundraising is a great way to raise extra cash for an event, organization, or business. Selling candy bars is one of the most popular fundraising methods among schools, youth groups, athletic teams and nonprofit organizations, and has been proven successful time and again. Incorporating customized candy bar wrappers into your fundraiser can be a great way to earn extra money and advertise and promote the business or organization attempting to raise funds. Personalizing the candy bar wrappers used in fundraising increases name recognition within the community, adds credibility to the fundraising effort and creates excitement among the participants.

Custom candy bar wrappers around chocolate bars may be the most convenient fundraiser. The chocolate bars come in boxes that are easy to transport from place to place. They can be sold on tables at special events or in the office -- any place where there are potential customers. Buyers like them because they can be taken and eaten on the spot, without having to wait for an order to be processed. Many other fundraisers require customers to purchase items from a catalog and then wait days or weeks for delivery.

The price of custom candy bar wrappers varies by retailer, based on the number of candy bars ordered, the type of candy bar selected and the number of colors used when printing the wrapper. Price also depends on whether customers order only the custom candy bar wrapper and put the wrapper on the candy bars themselves. (This is often recommended in hot-climate areas, and wrappers are made to fit a particular candy bar, such as a Nestle Crunch bar.) Fully assembled candy bars typically cost between $1 and $2 for 12 to 35 bars, with the price decreasing slightly as the quantity increases. The price for wrappers is usually under a dollar.

Where to Purchase Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Customers may purchase custom candy bar wrappers from a number of places; retailers that specialize in personalized or customized merchandise typically offer them. Some good online retailers include Announce It! and Party 411. The Hershey Company also offers personalized candy bar wrappers for their signature Hershey's bar, Hershey miniatures, and Special Dark bars. Schools, sports teams or youth groups interested in using personalized candy bars for fundraising purposes can purchase them at Super Fundraiser. Companies such as World's Finest Chocolate have been customizing candy bar wrappers for fundraisers since 1949, and have helped schools, sports teams, charities and other nonprofit organizations raise over $3 billion worldwide.

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