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Cubs Tickets

Find out how you can score Cubs tickets.

The Cubs are beloved in their native Chicago. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
The Cubs are beloved in their native Chicago.

Chicago Cubs tickets are some of the most coveted in major league baseball -- and some of the most difficult to buy. Cubs fans are fervent and determined, and tickets tend to sell out whether the team is on a winning streak or in last place. To get the best seats available, Cubs fans need to purchase tickets early for the game of their choice. Even with more than 41,100 seats, Wrigley Field, also known as the "Friendly Confines," often sells out months in advance.

Single Ticket Availability

Those wishing to attend a game can buy and print single tickets for Cubs games online through The Official Site of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs' Web site lists the entire season schedule online for their games. If there's a green "T" on a game date, fans interested in attending that game can click the date for a list of available tickets. Fans can also access tickets for away games through the same calendar. If tickets are available, the opposing team's official Web site and ticket information will appear. Fans may also visit the Wrigley Field box office at 1060 W. Addison to purchase tickets seven days a week, or they can search for ticket outlets in neighboring states on the Cubs' Web site.

For a premium, fans can reserve seats above the dugout or bullpen that give them a closer look at the players and the field. Of course, spectators seated in these areas have a better chance of being struck by foul balls and wild throws than those in other areas of the park, but many fans embrace this risk as part of the game. Since these are the most expensive seats in the park, it's usually easier for fans to buy them, even close to game days.

Season Tickets

Cubs season tickets are hard to come by since many fans hold on to their packages for life; some fans leave them to their children in their estate plans and wills, while others even fight for them in civil court, according to the Chicago Tribune. However, according to The Official Site of the Chicago Cubs, fans can join a waiting list for Cubs season tickets on the off-chance that someone relinquishes theirs. Once added to the list, Cubs fans can log in to check their place in line on the waiting list, update personal information or remove themselves from the waiting list.

Spring Training and Other Options

Cubs aficionados can escape the Chicago winter in February and March and indulge their baseball fever, Cubs spring training camp in Mesa, Arizona offers a more intimate setting for loyal fans to interact with players. More information on Cubs spring training and HoHoKam Park in Mesa is available at Spring Training Online. Fans unable to buy coveted regular season tickets may also consider viewing the game from one of several building rooftops surrounding Wrigley Field that are sanctioned by the Cubs management. For a list of approved venues, go to Ball Park Rooftops.

Alternative Ticket Outlets

Normal online outlets, including Cubs.com and Ticketmaster.com, often sell out quickly. To acquire tickets for games that are unavailable from first-tier outlets, fans can visit StubHub, the official reseller for Cubs and other Major League Baseball tickets. There's also a StubHub ticket office close to Wrigley Field for convenient pick up of last minute tickets.

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